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Do condoms reduce pleasure for women also?


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>Who really cares if they diminish women's pleasure? that isn't what we are paying them for anyway. And we certainly aren't using them for our pleasure. Just a necessary evil against the nasty stuff these whores may have...there, that should be enough gas on the fire...<


C'mon OH, we've been here before, many times.

> >Who really cares if they diminish women's pleasure? ,


i get more pleasure/ interaction/response/fun session if she has fun too, p4p or not. I i just want to f..k a dead body/starfish/actress, i'd get more fun using my own hand.

Based on own tests, my experience is much more fun fo Me if she gets pleasure.

but that is still possible with condom, after all, i don't put one on my tongue and lips, and that's the first and primary source of her pleasure.

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I wrote about this a long time ago but it bears repetition.

Three years ago, just before returning to BKK I went to a condom "boutique" in Boston that had hundreds of different condoms for sale and bought an array of domestic and imported examples including super thin (and super expensive) Japanese as well as some large size looser fitting types. I also went to Walmart and got my usual jumbo boxes of LIFESTYLES ULTRA'S, the best condom I have found so far.


Once in Bangkok, I quickly found a fun loving research assistant and enthusiastically commenced field testing. She really got into the spirit of the endeavor and put some effort into describing her own sensations.

Without going into detail now, the super thin were also super tight and just didn't do a thing except maybe deaden feeling a bit. A couple of thin ones that fit loosely were better but not by much: certainly not worth the $2 or $3 cost.

She definetly didn't like ribbed or textured condoms; she said they chafed and pulled more than others. She also didn't like the taste or smell of most of the pre-lubed and spermicidal examples, "Make pussy smell bad!"

All in all, for her most of the condoms were pretty much the same sensation wise.


For me, my old reliable LIFESTYLE ULTRA's remained my first choice, sizewize: the looser around the tip, the better.


What I did find was that putting a bit of lube INSIDE the tip of the condom before carefully rolling it down GREATLY enhanced the sensations transmitted to Mr Happy, giving that feeling of slidey wetness and warmth plus a little more friction as the inside of the condom moved against me as she squeezed her muscles.

I never had a problem with a condom sliding off.

Too much lube on the girl can diminish sensation for both: put on just enough to make initial entry comfortable.

Some of the other popular US brands such as Trojan and Sheik were among the worst, especially Trojan Magnums: more like LL Bean boots.


Like all good researchers, I encourage peer review; find your own R.A., embarrass the cashier at BOOTS by buying a box of each of whatever they have and get to it.

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