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I want to bone Tussinee


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JEEE 25K :surprised:


You could have had her for max 5K I guess,if you had contacted her directly via face-pic.com.


BTW, the guy who's doing her in the vids probably has the best job in the world.

He's boning the most stunning girls on various Thai girl (Thainee/Tussinee/Asiansuckdolls/Creampiethais etc.)sites all on his own and obviously he doesn't have to pay but GETS paid. ;)

Most of them are Pattaya girls .


He never shows his face in the movies but it is easy to see that it's the same guy because he has a somewhat strange shaped cock.

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So, he gets paid :content:

Not from the girl but the movie will sure bring him more money than the fee he payed to the girl.


Personally I wouldn't care if I lost some money with a job like he has. Oh well, maybe I am not made to be a succesfull businessman :content:

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Tussinee is now a regular squeeze. I take her with me to social functions when I KNOW there will be ex=pat women, then I introduce her as my adopted daughter though later ensure that I get seen my one of the said fat trogs with my tongue down Nee's neck......oh the expressions are so wonderful. I so wish I could get my hands on their handbags also.


Fee, 10K a time, which is fine by me for what she endures.

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