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I want to bone Tussinee


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Enough of the endless search for a midget. I have now set my aim on boning the 'sweet Thai teen' , the infamous www.Tussinee.com


I will pay top dollar - I must bone her, I simply must!


Any ideas on how I can locate that botty?





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:shakehead I thought you had experience of Thailand, Satrai.


"She looks 14" is something I'd expect to hear from a jealous fat first time farang woman at a gogo. I heard something to that effect the last time one talked to me in one. That time the girl was actually about 20 and the same is obviously true here. (OK, maybe 19 :) )


I used to want to bone Tussinee too when I saw the 'innocent' photos of her on AsianThumbs. Then I got hold of a hardcore video of her and somehow the lust went away. I also realised she reminded me of a girl now working in DC10 (but how that girl looked 10 years ago in 'Hollywood Stars' when she was a similar age. Now she looks like an older sister.)


I deleted the vid just before coming back to England this week after the 'immigration troubles' thread made me paranoid. I thought the customs officers might see it and think the same way as you, Satrai. :) (The usual encryption stopped working so I couldn't hide it. :( )


Frede - why don't you simply ask the webmaster?

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