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Its games like these that bother me. A mid table side in form. We're traveling in the winter away after a big game. We seemed like we couldn't be bothered really. We wanted them to hand us the game and then wait for the coach back to London. I wouldn't argue with any Pompey fans if they felt they deserved a draw...and possibly even a win. This game could have been Spurs revisited, 5-4, with all the goals that should have been. Pompey wanted the ball more and won the vast majority of the challenges. Even Paddy shyed away a couple times. We needed Freddie for games like these, he's a battler.

van Persie is learning what Reyes had to learn. You will not have time on the ball, they'll push you off the ball and don't look for fouls or sympathy from the referee. I like van Persie and early on he and Henry seemed to be on the same page. I was glad to see him use his right foot but he takes too much time to set up his shot. I hope someone tells him that this is English football, you don't have time, they don't let you tee up the golf ball and go into your swing. You have to fire away immediately.

Substituting Berkgamp for van Persie. Hmmm, not sure I'd have done the same. I personally thought we should have taken off Ash as he was 'this close' to getting booked or sent off and Lua Lua was getting the best of him all day and move Clichy to LB, move van Persie to left wing and Bergkamp up front and if we got desperate enough, take out Flamini and put in Fabregas and have Vieira play sweeper. Henry played as if he'd rather be clever than anything else. He should have been more direct.

Only 1 of the 2 things I was hoping for occurred. First, the win above all and second, evidence we were back to 'sexy football'. Pompey were packed in, I concede that but we still try to play clever 1-2's with no space. How about a screaming 18 yarder once in a while? Kolo and Sol made runs deep into the opposition. I think partly because we weren't doing it. Sol had space enought to get within just over 20 yards from the goal! He took the chance and scored. Well taken if I might add. The win is all that counts but if we don't get back our early season form, we'll be looking to get trophies from the FA cup or CL.

Almunia did a great job. He possibly got himself in trouble with the shot he stopped off a rebound. I thought he could have done better collecting the ball, but he made good decisions and its looking unlikely we'll see Lehmann in a league for us anytime soon. FA cup for Jens.

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had an interest as i live in Portsmouth,but only saw the last Hour.

Pompey are in form lately with away draws against Newcastle and Liverpool and while they might not be all powerful this Season,probably games they would have expected to lose.


Pompey are a Team of ageing Players(Berkovic,Stone,Berger,De Zeeuw etc)and a few unknowns but they performed well against Arsenal.

from what i saw they had better chances and if they had better strikers or even played with 2 upfront they might have got a better result.

Arsenal seemed a little tentative on the attack and only Henry seemed to be trying to score,but he was also quieter than normal.


i don't think Arsenal would have complained too much if they had shared the points and after an unlikely Goalscorer(and in a fashion which he is not known for)i think Wenger and the rest would have gone up the A3 relieved they took the 3 points.

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sayjann said:

hey,here we are......... :yay: :yay:

dedicated to Froggo......... :tophat:


I'm still wondering if Khun Sanuk did a fast one with some nifty programming? Or maybe the pie is my my face where it belongs?


Thanks for your nice words, Stevo. And yes, you did say Stamm was a striker! :}

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