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You can't make this stuff up. Arsenal gets Man Utd in the league cup quarter finals. Fergie says he'll play the same XI that went against Palace: MAN UTD: Howard 7, Phil Neville 7, Brown 7, O?Shea 7, Fortune 7, Kleberson 6 (Spector 6), Fletcher 8, Djemba-Djemba 6, Richardson 7 (Eagles 6), Bellion 6 (Rossi 6), Saha 7. Subs not used: Ricardo, Ngalula.


On paper they are a stronger, more experienced side than we are. Wenger plans to keep the same XI. I say play the youth for a few reasons. First, its good to give them big game experience at a huge unfriendly opposition pitch. Second, its a no lose situation for us. We're expected to lose and if we win, Man Utd lost to a bunch of teenagers.

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'gunneruk said

sick of being flamed by a lier who is not man enough to apologise'


i do not know if this post is directed to me as i have put Gunner on ignore and i cannot see any of his posts.

anything he says is denied to me and i love it as he is a complete IDIOT.

a shame he does not have the ability to spell properly.....

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Everyone play nice. Gooner corner is about peace, love and Arsenal. :)


If you're a Spurs or Arsenal fan you probably had what you thought was a mild heart attack throughout the match. For neutrals it was a great match. The 2nd half was the best 2nd half of football since the 2nd half of the Arsenal v. 'Boro game.


First half I thought someone switched shirts on the pitch because it was the guys in the white shirt that were closing down defenders, making one touch passes, and finding space to receive a pass. While the team in red were looking to find their way. 4am kickoff where I live so maybe I was just tired and my eyes were playing tricks on me, rubbed them, no, it was the team in white. Oh sh*t! They went up 1-0 after 37 min. and the guilty party was Arsenal's lack of marking on set pieces. I thought we'd lose the match frankly. We didn't look like we'd be up for it. Just before half though, Henry who was having a fairly off game by his (and my lofty standards) took a cross 'tween 2 scum players with a touch soft as a baby's bottom and nudged past Robinson. That was a big boost to go into half time level when we really did deserve to be a goal down.

I was suprised Tottenham didn't come out of the half with the same verve they had in the first half. Wenger or Paddy must have said something to the boys because they were going forward more. Freddie had one of his best games so far. He was always threatening them. He got brought down in the box and the ref pointed to the spot. Surprisingly Lauren, not Henry took the PK. I don't like Lauren taking it. I know he takes them for Cameroon but he never kicks with any conviction. This time he did well and placed it in the corner. 2-1 us after 55. Vieira had a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde game. Jeykill first half, giving away posession needlessly and Hyde 2nd half, doing what he does best, close down players and being the ball winner. He did just that in their end, got his own ball and scored to make it 3-1. Game over, right? Wrong. A minute later, Dafoe does his impression of Giggs' in '99 and waltz pass 5 of our players in to the box and puts it out of Lehmann's reach. 3-2, its a game again and scum are pressing forward a bit more. Freddie does it again, Fabregas, from a Pires pass who had subbed in for Reyes at this point, finds Freddie in the box and we're up 4-2 after 70 mins. Game definitely over! Wrong again! Our Achilles heel do us in again. Set piece and Ledley King, the Sol Campbell wannabe, gets in a header 'tween two of our players and its 4-3. Okay, no matter how much you score, we'll score more says us. We go back on the offensive. Pires seemingly pushes the ball too far and loses posession but finds it near the touchline and squeeks it past Robinson from a very narrow angle. 5-3 after 81. Surely this is it. Capitulation. Signal the driver to start the coach down 7 sisters road. 88 minutes, Henry loses posession of the ball in our half gives directly to a Tottenham player, Kanoute who came on for Keane, is on the right wing and is in great position to score, which he does and its 5-4. We stall for time, anything, fake injuries, just to get to the 3 minutes of extra time.


It was like sex with a fat woman. It isn't pretty but you came, which is your primary objective. Hopefully, this will start a run again. We have a West Brom which should help our egos, unless Robson can inspire them to give us a hard time.


I need some sleep.

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as you say a great game for the neutrals.


of course i was wanting Spurs to win and even though they took the lead i still thought they needed the 2nd.

the important Goal was by Henry right on H/T.

if the Arse had gone in 1-0 down at H/T who knows what might have happened?.


as you say Steve,the Arse had problems with set pieces but Spurs gifted the Arse at least 3 of the Goals with their woeful defending in and around the area.

i bet Winger will not be happy with his teams defensive performance.


i wonder when the last game was that featured 9 different Goalscorers?,if ever......


good game to watch and entertaining.

if MU lose 5-4 against Newcastle i will be disappointed but happy to know that both teams provided great entertainment for the crowd and viewers.

games like these show that the PL is far superior to the Italian domestic League.

each season produces a couple of games like this and i remember the games between Liverpool/Newcastle a few Years ago which finished 4-3.......classics

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The only time I'd ever expect to put that scoreline in a subject line would be for a reserve game or a league cup game playing with kids.


Not much to say. We were poor. Too upset to give a rational analysis frankly, will leave it up to gunneruk, froggo, kman or others.


We go in 0-0 at the half dominating posession and very unlucky not to score. Even though they hit the post as well. No way WBA should be hitting posts at Highbury in the first half of a match. Late in the game yes, not early though.

We score off a fortutious goal in the 53rd thanks to their keeper's mistake. As usual we don't get a 2nd. Greening scores in the '78 and we're looking for a late winner.


Bergkamp is a legend. However, Wenger needs to bench him when he's not on form. What's Dennis doing on the pitch after 85 minutes of football? He's no good after an hour. He hasn't been able to go 80 minutes for at least 2 or 3 years now. If Dennis is struggling, and the team isn't, fine, let him on for an hour because in an instant he can put in one of those passes that you are still amazed about. If he's struggling AND the team is, let him be one of the first substituted off. van Persie should have been brought in at half time if not after an hour. He wants to prove himself, will run his socks off and keep our momentum going forward.


The only good thing is Mourinho gave up a 2-0 lead to Bolton at home after criticising us on our 5-4 win at Spurs. His players are starting to learn its not easy to lead from the front. If it comes down to both of us for the final title run I'm confident they won't be able to do it this year. Late spring, and the title is on the line, the inexperienced club plays tenative and plays not to lose which means draws. Chelsea hasn't learned how to win titles yet. They could do it this year, but I think they'll need a season or two of getting close and not winning it so they can have the bit 'tween their teeth for a season, which is what you need. We had it last year after narrowly losing to Man Utd.


Oh, yeah Man Utd won which would make Sayjann happy. Curbs bent over at OT. One of the few clubs still playing at OT as if they still have the aura. I thought Curbs was a better manager than that to have them playing so tentatively. He'll go all out against us though, no problem.


F**k it, my weekend is ruined. I'm off to kick the dog and if I had a wife, I'd yell at her.

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now now Steve,i have to keep telling you to behave.

look at Charltons record at OT,1 point in 10 games.

it wasn't just this team which lost,they always make a habit of it.


just like Newcastle.

it used to be a win for them at home and us at home and i was surprised to learn last Weeks result was our 3rd straight win there.

and how i love beating that Geordie twat Shearer..... :grinyes:

i hate the barstard.....


haven't seen any Football this Weekend so cannot comment on individual matches,but at last MU get a small break.

been a long time since we caught up on Chelsea and the Arse.

not often they drop points while we get the maximum.

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