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Chelseafan, its just a matter of time before you guys win it. My hope and this is slim, was that you guys would go this season and the next without a title and possibly even no trophies and Red Rom would take his money and go. He got his billions fast and young. He was in his 30s and didn't work 20 years for it and he seems impatient. I am hoping 2 more years and tens or a couple hundred of millions of pounds spent and nothing to show for it would make him pack up and go.

The only card Arsenal still has to play is our psychological advantage of beating you guys so many times. I don't think its completely gone despite the quarter final last season. That and the lack of experience in a title run. Mourinho won the porguguese league in a runaway, this is different. Lampard, Terry and most of the others haven't played in a tight race in April and May, I'm hoping that lack of experience bears fruit.


It could be your year, you have the manager and the money to do it...the players are obviously there. You can sort out whatever position needs to get sorted in January with a blank check, while others can't. A big advantage to have. I just hope we can make a run of it.


It would be nice to see Everton get it if we don't though. I would be happy for them.

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I leave the summary for others.

Only thing I'd like to say is that I'm getting tired of Henry and his filthy tricks.

He's such a great player but his second goal is so NOT him, such actions don't match with that kind of player and personality on the pitch..or so I thought.


He did nothing wrong according to the ref..obviously..but that says shit. Referee clearly held his whistle up which means that the free kick can't be taken before his 'call'. Visible to both Arsenal and Chelsea players. So Terry & Co. work on their defense while all of a sudden Henry kicks the ball in the empty CHelsea goal while the keeper, Cech, is on the other end prepare his blue wall.

Apparently Henry had asked for permission to shoot. Very sad since the ref should have known and seen that the opponent wasn't ready after he had shown his whistle to all players. Sadly the whistle was never involved.


I've always thought of Henry as a great player, but his dirtiness is making me start to dislike him.

And the ref is a cunt for allowing that free kick.


P.S. I'm not even a fan of either team. Just wanted to see a spectacular game being a neutral soccer fan.

I thank both Henry and the ref for fucking up yesterday's game.

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chocolat steve said:


The bottom line is they are not motivated. Its still early days. Chelsea will hit a bad patch and they don't have the experience of making a title run like we do or even Man Utd. If we lose the title though, I'd prefer Chelsea win it. If they do, then at least we all know it was bought and paid for ala Jack Walker and Blackburn in '95, but if Man Utd wins it we were out managed, I can't stomach that. I'd rather be outspent than outmanaged.


Firstly, over the past 5 years, Arsenal have shelled out just as much as chelsea have over the past two years.


Secondly, I dont believe it's "experience" thats needed for a title run in, I think its luck.


I dont for one moment believe we will win the league, mainly cos I'm a pessamist and also, 5 points difference is only 1 win and a draw for Arsenal to get back into contention.


Thought yesterdays result was fair, but as for the free-kick.... ::

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have to disagree with Zaad and Chelseafan.


the Ref invoked Rule 13 which states:-


he can disregard the law which states that the opposition must be 10 Yards away and a Player can take a quick free kick.

Officials have been directed to ensure the advantage should honour the attacking side.


that is right IMO,if you have a free-kick then you should have the advantage and take the kick whenever you want.

what advantage is there if the defending Team are allowed to take the advantage back by bringing all their Players back to defend?.


i hate it when the Refs prevent a quick free-kick,that spoils the game IMO.

i remember that the Chelsea fans didn't moan much when Hasselbaink done the same thing against Villa in the FA Cup a couple of Seasons ago.

so it's OK for Chelsea to do it,but not for other Teams to do it against them?.

words like kettle,pot and black come to mind........ :stirthepo


finally saw the footage of the incident and you can clearly see Poll asking if Henry wants to take a quick one or wait until the wall is formed.

and Poll was on TV tonight and explained his actions and said that he gave the advantage to Arsenal and let them take the kick because it was THEIR ADVANTAGE.


end of story........ :twocents:

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Surely Chelseafan you are not comparing Arsenal's spending to Chelsea? I'd leave that argument alone. No one except hard core Chelsea fans would buy it. Chelsea has spent more in this calendar year than we have in the last 8. One of the papers did an article on it. We spent a total of about 96 million pounds during Wenger's reign. You guys spent that in an afternoon it seems. You've spent well over 200 million pounds and also erased the debt. Veron 17 mil, Duff 17 mil, Drogba 24 mil, Robben, Cech, and the rest could buy a small nation.


Bottom line is the title would be bought. Given time, almost any manager could win the title at Chelsea given an open purse. The only matter of debate is how long it would take. Some Chelsea fans may argue that its a 'team' now. Any collection of players eventually becomes a team, you buy the best at each position and its much easier. Real Madrid is the best example at that. I don't think most Chelsea fans would care. They've been denied so long they'd sell their souls to the devil for a title and to beat Arsenal (and Roman may just be that devil...lol). Not many clubs would turn down that kind of money to be fair.


As for the game, a great game for neutrals. Chelsea had the better first half. Henry's opener was stunning after a minute. As for Henry's free kick. It was not the first time we've done it. Against Villa as well. Its done by us a few times. But for argument sake, I'll grant the goal as dodgy but I'll also take the non call when Parker pushed Flamini in the box. Also, Henry's glaring miss. Chelsea scoring from a header was predictable given our weakness on dead ball plays but Terry did an excellent job and it was well taken.


Chelsea were rightfully favored. In great form, best defense in the league, everyone available. Arsenal suffering a slump, captain and ball winner suspended. First 3 choices of the center midfield out. Other than Pires, the middle of the pitch had a 21, 20 and 17 y.o. in the midfield. An unknown, untried keeper 'tween the sticks. Freddie out and he's in form. It should have been Chelsea's for the taking...on paper.


Arsenal had the 2nd half save the early goal. The last 15 minutes we looked the most likely to win it. Chelsea still have to be considered the favorites, but it seems like Arsenal will make a race of it. The two things Arsenal needed yesterday happened. 1) Not to lose and 2) get their belief back and both happened.


The negatives for us is the same its been all season. We can't defend set pieces to save our lives.


The 'hoodoo' we had over Chelsea is nearly gone, but just a tad remains. Terry saying afterwards the title is between us and them when a week ago, Fergie and Mourinho and the world had written us off.


The positives for Chelsea is they didn't lose and they still have belief they can beat us. A tinge of doubt could remain as we were undermanned and they didn't kill us off and had to come back twice. The negative was that they didn't score on us from open play and their lauded defense was breached continuously the last 15 minutes. Henry twice, one gaping, and van Persie had come very close to scoring.


Robben is pure class. He's reminiscent of Giggs in his prime but not as pacey but same dribbling skills. Mazy running and turning defenders while running at them. He looks the business and he looks scary. Who's to tell if he'll eventually get sussed out like Mutu after a brilliant start or not his promise not realized to the extent we thought like Ronaldo.


I guess the same could be said of Fabregas. Although its hard to see that happening to him.


Also, I must give credit to Chelsea because they came to play. They didn't come to kick like a certain small club in the pennines I know of...and its not Preston North End either...haha..


They'll win a trophy this year, probably multiple trophies. Fergies semi final domestic cup record looks in the most jeapordy since our game FA cup game last season and the '99 FA Cup semi.


Once again, Man Yoo failed to capitalize on dropped points with a draw at Fulham. Man Yoo did dominate and should have won. They'll also need to be on their game v. Villa and Bolton at the end of the month.


Its a good tight race at the top so far. Everton is second and no one can begrudge them being up there on nothing but pure guts. They seem a throwback side. A gritty, hard fighting spirit to them. If miracles still happen and they somehow win the title I think no one would be upset at all...except the red side of Merseyside.

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One more thing, well, two. First, Arsenal have been doing quick free kicks if they are within 30 yards of the opposition for some time and Chelsea not preparing for it is just poor planning. If you notice Arsenal players are all ways on the ball in free kicks for the opposition.


Second is about Henry. He is derided for not showing up in big games and when he does we're called a one man team. Some people can't have it both ways. Not anyone on here particularly but some Blues supporters were saying it at the pub. You're a one man team, but if he didn't do well, he doesn't show up in big games? :dunno::cussing:

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It is Chelsea's good fortune that a mega rich sugar daddy has taken over the club. It is giving them a huge advantage just like Man Utd have had for several years. It is a sad fact that money has ruined most of the competitive element in the beautiful game.

Excellent game yesterday with Chelsea feeling aggrieved about the 2nd Arsenal goal. You cannot blame Henry for taking advantage of the situation. Every player would do the same in similar circumstances.

Mourinho will feel a bit happier buying his Christmas presents this week after tonights game at Craven Cottage. What a strike for the Fulham equaliser.

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i opened my mouth too soon.

we should have beaten Fulham easily after the first half display,but Fulham wanted it more in the second and deserved the equaliser.


'It is Chelsea's good fortune that a mega rich sugar daddy has taken over the club. It is giving them a huge advantage just like Man Utd have had for several years'


Man Utd had a sugar daddy?,would love to know his name.

i seem to remember that Utd earnt their money by on-field exploits and share prices and idiots paying too much for shares.

fuck off Glazier,Magnier and McManus....... :shakehead

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"the Ref invoked Rule 13 which states:-"


I'm sure the rules are in his favor, never denied such thing, but it was very nice of him to fool the opponent by showing his whistle and then never use it to make his call.


"i hate it when the Refs prevent a quick free-kick,that spoils the game IMO."


Of course, but look at my words above, ref wants to give a sign before the kick. His dicision, and then nothing, no sign whatsoever. Unfair IMHO.


My comments on this matter have NOTHING to do with taking the free kick quickly, yes I too like to see this happen in order to keep the game going, but not as it happened Sunday.


"i remember that the Chelsea fans didn't moan much when Hasselbaink done the same thing against Villa in the FA Cup a couple of Seasons ago."


Sayjann?? what the fuck?

Of course the scoring side won't moan, fuck do they care? WOuld be a bit silly to see arsenal players complain to the ref, wouldn't it?

As for ...so it's OK for Chelsea to do it,but not for other Teams to do it against them... where did you get this weird assumption?

Of course it's not OK for one team and not the other. :dunno:


"and Poll was on TV tonight and explained his actions and said that he gave the advantage to Arsenal and let them take the kick because it was THEIR ADVANTAGE."


Yep, indeedo, nice going..if he just had kept his whistle in his pocket that all of this talk could have been avoided, but since he didn't he was wrong. NOT according the the rules but according to the fairness of the game. Especially being a ref who needs to be as neutral as one can be.


"end of story........ "

Don't bet on it. ;)

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