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Isan Tawan Daeng: re-visited.


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I've probably been to ISAN TAWAN DAENG, the large, Thai Morlam music club on Phatanakhan just past Suk.71 20 plus times over the last five years and always had a good time.

Yes; loud and crowded but always fun, especially if you take along a few Isan girls.

I've recommended it to friends and on this forum many times.


A group of twelve of us went there late last week; what a disappointment! IMHO, the place has really gone downhill and it will probably be my last visit there; even my girlfriend said "Not go again!"


First of all, while it has always straddled the gay/straight line, now it's theme is predominantly gay. Boy dancers by far outnumber girls and the greatly diminished chorus line now has several LB'd mixed in.

There were very few female singers and among those, some were also LB's. Most of the male singers were second rate and not the least entertaining; the girls with us were as bored as we were.

The live band was not nearly as lively and upbeat as in the past, no excitement in the music at all. In the past, they'd always get the place rocking with everybody dancing aside their tables but this time, most of the dancing was when the band was on break and recorded music was played.


The place has also become much more pushy in terms of un-ordered food and drinks. I know that all Thai clubs do this but it has never been a problem at Tawan Daeng in the past. This time, staff kept putting un-ordered plates of nuts and fruit on the table even though we asked them to take the stuff away. Beer and soft drinks were also replaced without being asked. With such a large group it is hard to keep track of who had what but when we got the bill, it was pretty clear that is was well upholstered but once again, such a large group makes it tough to challenge so we just paid up. It seemed like every server in the place showed up with their hands out when we departed; once again, far more pushy that past experience.


It's really sad to see what was a great place for farangs to experience a bit of Thai sanuk and culture slide into being just another gay joint.

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I went there first with my ex GF Nok in 2001, and loved it. Been back a few times every years since. Last couple of yars, I've seeen a decline, tooo much too loud recorded music, less interesting (authentic0 music.


I don't live in BKK, but would really appreciate it if anyone who finds a more authentic Morlam /isan music place, would report on it.


I once went to one, before you get on the overpass on the road that leads to TWDIsan, instead of taking the overpass, you take the left lane, and where the overpass passes over, you turn left, a few hundred meters on the left there is a smallish music restaurant, same style, more real music, more fun. A few hookers, but all very relaxed. Anyone been there?

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Amazing somebody agrees with me about something as I said all this years ago. Compared to places like Naparli, Kaen Issan, Kaen Siam and many others Tawann Deang was always very poor, but if it's the only such place people have ever been how would they know?

It's sound system is appalling as are the acoustics, there has never been space to dance and the tables are too close.You normally have to buy fruit etc to cover the 'show charge' they have been doing this for a long time even when there is no star singer on. Other places are far better but quite unknown TWD was only popular due to location which is easy to find.

OH is at fault as usual as there is no TWD on Rama 3 that I ever saw, I expect he just wants to sound like he is one of the boys in the know as usual, stick to bars OH, gay or otherwise.

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Hmmm, I was going to respond to a post that recommended other places over Isan Tawandaeng and ask for the locations of those places, but now that post seems to have been deleted.


If the original poster could repost the names/locations of his recommendations, I'd be most grateful. I'll be in town in a couple of months and wouldn't mind checking out one or two of those places.

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I see you still have no replies from all the experts here. If you want to send me a PM with your email I will reply with a list of places, don't want to post them on here. Of course if you had asked about whores, brothels or bars you would have had many replies from the 'experts', even some married ones!

Where HAVE all the posters gone?????

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