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Nightlife in Surin

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Was out for a while with DS last night. We decided at one point to take a stroll down the main street in front of the Thong Tarin Hotel and check out some of the places we have never been in, some new/er and some old. It is amazing how many great small places there are along there. There's a newer club, huge, AC, mixed tropical drinks served (125 each for most), a nice Sushi menu to choose from, live music, etc. I'll be back there for sure. Also ran across a small Thai venue with cute dek serve, nice Thai citizens eating and having some brews and sanuk, also with live music that was quite good and fun as well (no AC here, just a small Beer Bar cum restaurant/pub. Good atmosphere here really.


We ran across a few others to check out on another night. Surin really does have a nice nightlife scene though (nightlife not being just agogos). Eye candy abounds, friendly smiles, nice people to chat with, good foods, cheap drinks.


It ain't Bangkok, but it isn't half bad really.

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It'll be a while unfortunately :(


BTW have you seen my ride?


When I was there in January, she got away on me, the photo below, is of the tow truck setting off after her, but the last I saw of the whole shooting match, they were a cloud of dust on the horizon.


If you do see her, she answers to the name of "Get back here you farkin pachyderm..."










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