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Currency conversion or ATM?


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Right now, cash is king.


I have used Aeon ATM and they do not charge the 150 Baht fee and give a good exchange rate.

Last Friday, I got 33.323 Baht when pull USD out of my US account.

Yahoo showed: 33.53 for the USD

Bangkok Bank showed: 33.07 for the USD

Nto sure on T/C but unless you are changing $500 T/C, then you will lose because of the fee that the LOS banks charge for each T/C.


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Onshore v Offshore exchange rates have been discussed numerous times over the years on this board, Onshore always gives a slightly higher rate since "Hard Currency" is going direct into Thai banks.


Frank B


Bring cash and exchange in Thailand, you could also try to open a Thai bank account whilst you are here, again this is a hit and miss process (see other threads on this topic). If you do manage to get a Thai bank account then you will be able to transfer foreign currency to it for future trips when the exchange rate is in your favour.

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With the 150 baht charge and the fees my US bank charged it was costing me more than 12USD to go to the ATM and all that I could take out was the equivalent of $500 per day. I have been wiring money from my IRA/Savings account to Thailand in $10k chunks plus using the ATM but started having my entitlements deposited into my money account. I bring over the wires a bit more often but do save a lot on ATM fees. A wire transfer costs me $24US.


I have looked, as has a friend, and cannot find a transparent way to transfer money to Thailand. HSBC was recommended by a banking friend but they also have their charges. You can transfer with PayPal but they want a piece of the action.



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Chase bank.

Open an online checking account and the money transfers are free.

A couple of catches...pays no interest and to do an international transfer, you have to be in the USA to initiate the transfer.

I keep the minimum in the account, $500, and when I am in the US I load the account with the funds I want to transfer, done and for free.


Using the Aeon ATM with my US Citibank ATM card, I incur no fees, at this time. None from Aeon and none from Citibank. Exchange is reasonable, usually 0.2 baht under the published Yahoo daily rate.

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