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Udon Thani


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Thats somewhat depressing, CTO - I dont recall a single girl in that bar being under 35 ! Mate, you must have fallen on hard times to have traded the delights of Cowboy for the provincial revelry of Udon. Granted, it beats my miserable existence, but I dug my own grave then leapt in : it was cosy till Miss CP decided to start shovelling gravel on top of me. Do you reckon its too late for me to drink myself to death at the Nana ?

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Well . . . . i'll let my mate out himself - but in all the bars I go too and my local haunts I struglle to find anyone over 25.


Hmmm - how to put it gently - I am having more fun than ever - far more than any cowbpy/pattaya venue.


Would go to PM's for details if you want

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If he's nameless, what do you call him?


Usually it's Dumb Cnut.......




The second night just had to be done.... cos the first night was after 3 bottles of Tequilla, 2 bottles of Whisky & 1 Lao Khao...All with CTO's wife..plus a dozen or so of the local "Boys"....lol....(but that's another story!!)


...and to be honest I needed to see if it really was as good as I thought I remembered it....


Initially Miss Lao was reluctant to do a follow up.... no no no...He fut too mutt....hoy jeb mak mak....lol....but she agreed...after she saw my...........money...555


Bottom line....IT WAS


I like Country "fairy Lights"


Cheers.... member with no name....formally known as Dum Cnut


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Hmmm, I think I get the picture.


Must make it up your way one day.


Re Udon, about 18 months ago I had one of my TopTen nights ever with a girl picked up from a bar. Unfortunately they have resited the bars, and now I cannot find her...


Yes, the big hall with many BB has mostly older ones.

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quick wrap up of what i found - tartempion had it right, action is at Day & Night and Nutty, but both were kind of sad states to me. maybe between the 20 some bars i saw, there were enough real cuties to staff 2-3 bars. didn't really find a spot that had more than one cutie.


street freelancers were scary. Brothers had a knockout hostess who spoke no english. 19. someone with better thai skills than me should go investigate.

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