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New Pub in Sawang Daen Din

Nervous God

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New pub in Sawang Daen Din


(Got the spelling GTG, hate to have to teach you)


Same place as the other German who died, RIP, good spot, opens 10 am till very very late, after the local disco closes for the late night Thais.


Good cheap to not cheap expat food, ice cream for kids, coffee (real) 40 baht, beer local prices.


If your in the area, try it out.


Tartie - I think we need another visit, maybe after a trip to the pool?


Funny story, no idea if people remember the scene from Goldmember, the Austn Powers spoof, where the Dutch villian says "Farger" instead of Father.


I spent 5 minutes trying to work out how to say the blokes name.


The closest I come too is gargle hot coffee and try and say Roger without burning or drowning yourself.


VERY nice guy



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