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Chiang Mai on 500k baht a year ?


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Rent is the secret, if you are on a fixed income, what you have to live on is what's left after you pay the rent.


I guess its all relative, but rent still seems very cheap in LOS. We all know what it costs to rent even a *bedsitter* in a Farang city and it doesnt begin to compare to the asking price for a reasonable apartment once you get away from the Farang ghetto. I have no idea what rents are like in Chiang Mai - have only stayed in a hotel on my lone trip to the city - but I doubt that they are more expensive than BKK.


(btw, you wont rent a whole lot in inner Brisbane for less than (the equivalent of) 50k baht a month, courtesy of demand from foreign students far outstripping supply. Developers in Bangkok would just build more high-rise to meet demand, but this is Farangland and things dont work like that ....)



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Tartie and DC - twas fun and I do hope we do it again with more people next time even!


Yes - it's sparten - but even in Aus and when I've had big $'s flashy life style is not for me!


I think it's easy if you have basics covered to live very well.


I KNOW I get a lot more action than most posters, and I'm smart how I structure my life so it costs very little.

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I don't know but if I was going to relocate overseas I would want to be financially stable enough to live the same lifestyle I was at home.


Can't see the point in relocating just for the sake of saying I live abroad. If I live abroad I would want to still travel, return home etc.


Living on a type budget would probably eliminate that. Would rather stay comfortable and enjoy my holidays.

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Thats for those who consider Thailand a 3rd world country :)


I live in Cebu City, the Paris of the Philippines. and its second largest city. I rent a six-bedroom, four-bathroom house in a 24/7 guarded compound (don't know why it is guarded, it certainly is safe here,) near Midtown and several huge malls. For this house, which is way too big for me, I pay $380 (U.S.) a month. In more remote areas of the Philippines, housing is cheaper.


Aaah, it all sounds great until the smell of human excrement hits you in the face.

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