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Best rate? ATM or stack of cash

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Bring Greenbacks.

The ATM rate, at Aeon, is approx: 30.20

Bangkok Bank rate: 30.08


$100 USD at Siam Exchange: 30.4

Phone them to get the current rates.


You can see that US dollars will give a higher rate, just check the Bangkok Bank rate and what is posted on Yahoo Finance.





(type in for the USD <> Thai Baht rate)


USD/THB [change] 30.456499

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One issue is that my bank charges a fee for over seas withdrawals. It is based on the rate so figure $5 for every 15k atm withdraw.


Even worse with UK banks, the wife withdrew 15,000B the other day using one of her UK cards. The Thai bank charged 150B and the UK one over £9. Pretty outrageous I'd say.


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This is something that hammered me when I stayed in BKK for 3 months, and will hammer me again when I go to Vietnam later this year, but I dont see any way around it. Keeping serious amounts of cash on you is probably OK for a 2-week holiday, but over a longer period I think its a potential disaster.

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