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Best rate? ATM or stack of cash

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Best to get a bank account, by hook or by crook :beer:


It took me about 10 times to crack it, an interested bank teller, a nice smile and remain calm will win in the end ... once I had one account, two others quickly followed (i.e., the old saying, don't have all of your eggs in the one basket) :beer:

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Yeah, I broached the Thai bank account question a few years back, and the consensus was 'not without a work permit !'. Obviously, you perservered and I salute you for that.


K Bank....no probs

I have several a/c's with them

Opened on the spot....no issues whatsoever...

work permit not required


I hear Bangkok Bank is fine as well....last time I was in the local Branch with....She who must be obeyed....they were begging me to open an a/c with them




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As has been beat to death here, work permit not required "legally." But some banks just use that term to turn away foreigners they do not want to deal with.


I use K-Bank at Suk & 33. Foreigner friendly, just a long term visa required versus an entry stamp: (retirement, O-B, or O-A or a 60 day tourist), but not a work permit as per the actual law.


And I get interest on my accounts (I had to check from old posts from guys saying they did not).


Ya, it is a sad rate (0.62% right now), but I get it quarterly and have since the 2001 account opening of that one, looking at my account book. Plus online & telephone banking at no charge. :dunno:






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I've got 2 Thai bank accounts opened years ago and also get very small amounts of interest. As I only spend small amounts of time in Thailand at the moment I take cash and deposit top ups into the accounts when I'm there.


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The other aspect of 'overseas' Farang opening a Thai bank account is that, presumably, you are earning your money in another currency then depositing it in the Thai bank - I'd be interested to know how happy you folk are with the conversion rate they give you. My bank here in Oz, will sell you just over 26 baht to the dollar (yeah ..) at a time when xe.com is quoting 30.78. I know we are talking 'onshore' vs 'offshore', and you wouldnt get the XE rate over the counter at a Thai bank, but its a significant drop in buying power.


Might be easier to simply carry gold everywhere :)

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