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Sanuk Over In Phnom Penh


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life in 1 square-meter


The first couple of days in here were the toughest.

I had no cash, no clothes, no possebillity to find out what was going on in the outside world.

Being last to enter the cell, my mandatory sleepingplace was offcourse the floor. The space 2*1,80 and 6 guys to try to fit. Offcourse, by being 1,90, I couldnt stretch my legs & couldnt either hav them bent, cos then my knees were in the back of the guy sleeping in the lowest hammock. We are lucky, in our room we have 6 hammocks, 3 high up hangin between the window-bars and 3 between the toilet-divider-wall and the cell-door. Saves shitloads of space.

5 nights the poor bastards had to try to fit around me on the floor, where the air is standing still and the heat making it unbareable, choking for air and sweating like pigs. Having stranger men on and under me skin to skin was also a new experience, not to easy to get comfortable with. Elbows and knees in yr soft areas, by any of the ones lucky enough to be able to fall asleep, was and is always handled with the "forgive and forget"-rule.

Finally my loyal and since long time close friend, -my brother, speaking a language I most often understand as well as my own, managed to get some basic supplies & well needed $ in to me.



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yes I was wondering that, incredibly well connected for a chap who is guarded by cell phoneless guards etc etc but the photos look authentic.



Of course I am curious to know why he and - as I understand from his blog -, his girlfriend are in prison.


And I wonder how long it will take until the authorities will learn about his blog... ignore.gif



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