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A Map I Can Actually Use ...


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Ever get tired of poring over maps, trying to find some dismal side-Soi running off one of the Suk side Sois ? No - I guess its just me, then.


Nice map Gobble. :up:


I would shorten all the sois names to just Soi + Soi No., i.e., drop all the Sukhumvit references (other than Sukhumvit road itself), as that would free up room for some more info.

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Nancy Chandler used to do very well with a similar concept for the regular tourist trade.


See if you can find one of her maps online or somewhere, cute cartoons and graphics.


Throw in some cute cartoons of girls dancing and you can sell it.


Postcard range as well, why not? We all want mementos.


"You say mementos, I say memenotoes


You say harlots, I say sluts"

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