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Blank Pages In My Passport


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On my last flight out of Swampy at the end of July, the dimwitted Immigration guy has skipped about 4 or 5 blank pages in the passport before stamping a page. Clearly, you dont mess with the pages in a passport - I've read very nasty outcomes for people who have - but where does this leave me on my next trip ?


1. Just accept that those 5 pages are wasted and hope the next guy works it out, or run the risk that they wont notice until some time in the future.

2. Send it back to Canberra and ask if they can fix the passport

3. Apply for a new passport and wear the cost, knowing that its got to be better than having to answer questions re any 'continuity' gaps in my passport


The good news is that I currently have plenty of time (way too much time ..) to sort this out. :patty:






PS I now see what my friend at Immigration has done - page 11 had a visa pasted over it, so he had quickly tried to turn to the next page, found the central divider and ended up on page 19. Pages 12 thru 16 were all perfectly usable, but now ? I'm sure this must have happened to someone else ...

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I've got a few blanks in mine but the likelihood of it time expiring before it runs out of pages is remote.

I'm not sure what you're concerned about... wasting the pages or the next guy won't be able to find the stamp?

Usually they flick through every page, blank or otherwise.

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Thanks guys - I guess I just dont want to find myself having to explain to a Thai immigration officer after a long flight (long for us - those on the East Coast of the US would consider it a doddle ..) how I've ended up with blank pages.


I emailed APIS and their response was predictable - 'We cant remove or add pages to a passport, but you can find the renewal form <here>'. At least I made the effort.

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There is no requirement for pages to be used consecutively. What would possibility make you think there was?


My passport, with two additional page inserts (US) has stamps and blanks all over the place. Interestingly, my last insert had some very pretty multi color watermarks that every Immigration to date as refused to sully with their nasty little stamps. They just hunt an unused corner in one of the plan blue pages and stamp away.


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Thanks guys - I just assumed that, since every page up to 11 has a clear chronological sequence that it was a requirement. My concern was that, sometime in 2014/2015, Immigration is going to turn the page and see stamps from 2011 - I guess I'm paranoid about things like that.


Having your stamps in a non-chronological order keeps certain people from figuring out where you have been going.

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