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Revamped Thailand Elite Card

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I like one of the qualifications for becoming a member:


{ Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offence committed through negligence; }


So people can say "Yes, but I didn't do anything, I didn't know it was happening..." about any particular crime - So very Thai...

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I visited their website for the details of the Elite card member privileges, but for to learn about the privileges you must be a Elite card holder. :clown:


I don't think that any membership card in the world can be more exclusive.... :)

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I see it's still alive a year later - or rather, the website is still up... I'm a bit shocked to see that one of the benefits is that you can get 15% off services from Dherakupt Law Firm -- isn't the point of carrying a $50,000 card that does nothing else at all for you, that you will never NEED a lawyer?! Just flash the card... call the service center... problem gone!


Dherakupt Law Firm. What's wrong that they can't spell "Corrupt" correctly, I wonder?

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Wow - they are still pushing this thing? I remember when it all started and there were virtually no benefits, everything was just implied.

5 year multiple entry visa would be attractive to some people, and would save a lot of stuffing around. Note the * - subject to approval though.

Works out to 120k a year. (100k x 20 years plus 20k pa for the subscription fee).

If you were a mad golfer and utilised the 24 games it works out to 5k a game. Not bad since it includes access to a lot of courses you wouldn't be able to play unless you were a member, or knew one (I guess).

The discounts at shops and hotels we all know won't be real discounts.

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