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the last fewdays i have been reading my F/R's of my visits to Thailand.

some were written a couple of years after the event but most within a couple of weeks.

luckily my memory has always been good there have been times when i gave the gist of a coversation or event just to give a slightly easier way for others to understand the rough situation.


i thought i had settled down since 2010 and stayed with someone the whole of my trip(but with a couple of distractions here and there)but it seems i was wrong.

it seems reading my words i had a regular girl on every trip,i really thought this was a recent thing.

reading the stories i saw many names making comments,some good and some bad.

but that's never been a problem for me as eveyone is entitled to their opinion.

saw names like ib13(long time since we had a beer together)and Laohuli who is still greatly missed.

Redbaron has been a reader for many years and has at times given me a :up: or a :down: ,but hey i can take the flak.


i've been given a hard time in the last couple of years for things i wrote about which years ago were rarely thought of as a problem.

but looking back i certainly calmed down since 2005 and tried to behave myself.

but a few things bug me about i said on certain things and how the difference was between older and newer members.


in the past i was flamed for paying 2000bt for a girls company for 24 hours and accused of being the sort of person who drives up the prices.

then i was flamed for being a bad person by refusing to pay 3000bt for a quickie...make up your minds.


i normally had a regular lady who i spent most times with but they were generous and pushed their friends on me as all the ladies needed a bit of cash and i certainly enjoyed myself.

but because things went wrong when the original lady got jealous and thought i liked her friends better then her then i got flamed.

but is it my fault if one lady offers me another and sometimes after a 3some occured things went pear-shaped?.

i'm in a place where pussy is available and if offered and i want it i will take it.

i got confused when things went wrong and still don't understand why the ladies would do this and then get jealous.

sometimes i had an arrangement with my regular not to B/F anyone from her bar but sometimes we both broke the rule.

but if i knew my gal had gone off with someone for a S/T then i thought what's good for the goose..............


but what i find interesting is going out for a drink.

up to 2005 i really liked a drink and while many factors were involved but i won't deny drink could and probably other things caused problems which other imagine.

but for me most things were forgotten the next day and everyone were friends again.


and talking of alcohol.

everyday i say i go into a bar.........is that a crime?.

i go to places to see friends and read the paper/play a game or two and just chill.

some people have this impression i drink 20 bottles of beer in the afternoon and then 20 more at night.

far from the truth in recent years.

just because goes in a bar does not mean they drink alcohol all the time.

i would like someone to show me the written or unwritten law which says you have to drink alcohol

in my trips since 2010 i have behaved myself and my drink intake has really gone down.

yes i like a good drink every now and then but not every night.

but i noticed i got more flames for my perceived drinking habits in the last 2 years,whereas i was far worse up until 2005.

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SJ, I used to spend quite a bit of my vacation time in the U.K./Ireland. I did see the sites, both by myself and with my father (while he could still travel). I also saw my fair share of pubs, particularly on trips by myself. I met more people in pubs than I ever did while seeing the sights, particularly while in Ireland and my 3 month stay in Edinburgh. It helps that my beer of choice is Guinness and it usually takes me around 50 minutes to drink one (the bartender usually had the next one settling at the bar without my having to ask). Drinking 3-4 Guinness's over a 3-4 hour period is no big deal to me. I usually was within stumbling distance of my hotel, particularly on long days like when Scotland played England in rugby, or St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. Now, being married with 4 children, those type of vacations are long past, I don't regret my time spent drinking with the U.K.'s finest (and worst) citizens. I would suspect that there are far more like you on this board and your idea of how to spend a vacation/holiday.

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no need to defend your vacation time IMHO.


One of these years I hope our schedules in HKT match up.

not defending myself at what had happened in the past.

i liked a drink and probably caused many of the problems i had at the time.

but since i slowed down and my intake of alcohol went lower and i was behaving myself i seemed to get more flames then the years i was really drinking.

but in the past i was not always the one at fault and i remember certain misunderstandings between ladies and i which caused problems.


but i must apologise to you.

i know you have been reading my stories over the years and i forgot to give you a name-check....me bad.

you never know,we might get together and have fun together.

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I would suspect that there are far more like you on this board and your idea of how to spend a vacation/holiday.

i've thought this but refrain from telling what they got up to.

as you say i go for a holiday so why not enjoy myself?.

over the years i have been flamed because i like sex without a condom but i cannot force a lady to have sex without one.

but as i've always said the lady has a choice not to use one and yes i can insist but it's a joint decision.

if they want a condom then not a problem for me.

i wonder how many BM's have enjoyed sex without a condom but are too afraid to admit it?.

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i'm in a place where pussy is available and if offered and i want it i will take it.

Right on!

and talking of alcohol. everyday i say i go into a bar.........is that a crime?.

If it is then lock me up!

but i noticed i got more flames for my perceived drinking habits in the last 2 years

Flames or criticism? (Posts like Mekong's above notwithstanding). There is a difference. The beauty of boards like this is we can all have different opinions. That's how it works.

Something I notice about your reports sj is you seem to challenge people and situations more often than the average Joe. (Eg. "nudging the motorbike dude", offering your hands to the the US Army MP so he can arrest you and "See what happens".) A noble thing if you ask me, but some may scratch their head and wonder why one would do such a thing in a strange land where all the laws *seem* to be skewed against foreigners.

I do a lot of "challenging" in situations myself whist not on holidays, but then again I get in a lot more physical confrontations than I'd like to admit.

*The Condom Issue* is always going to get people jumping up and down, as anyone who has been on this board more than a few years will recall. We're all adults, we all know the risks, or deny them, and can make up our own minds.

Please don't see this as flaming, just an observation, and I am not making a judgment on how you make use of your well earned holidays. My time in LOS is at a premium, and I prefer to avoid confrontations like said examples, and have a relaxing good time.

Beers next time are on you.

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i don't worry about flaming,i've been used to it over many years.

when away i'm on holiday and will have a good time,or so i think.

things go well or things don't go well at times,it's just circumstances.


but i find funny is the concept over the years i'm a prick concerning ladies.

up until 2005 i was fucking anything i could and problems occured.

but since 2010 i have been with 4 regular ladies with 2 more S/T times thrown in.

yes i have had the odd occasion when i went for a massage and got a HJ and twice when i was accosted on the street and taken to a dark area and given a BJ.


but in the last 2 years i have been flamed much more for things which happened between ladies and me.

but i had relaxed and was happy with a regular lady every night.

any problems were very small it seems i might have been wrong to have a regular lady and not just fuck everything in sight.

hardly anyone flamed me up until 2005 for what i did when i was certainly on heat and drinking a lot.

but when i sort of behaved myself since 2005 i'm seen as a bad person.


but people have to realise i'm not to blame for all the problems.

the locals can cause problems as well which are not my fault.

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