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Lost (Forgotten) Password - Help ?!

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A neighbor/friend asked me for help with his computer. When I went over it became obvious to me that this guy lost or forgot the password to his PC.

It runs, or used to run, Windows 7, Premium Home Edition - 64 bit. It seems that he did not create a password recovery disc. What's seems weird to me is that when an incorrect PW is typed, no password hint appears.


Those who know me understand that I do not have that much technical experience with computers.


I told my friend that there must be a solution ... there is one, isn't there? :dunno:


Any solutions or serious advice/recommendations would be sincerely appreciated.


If it were me, I'd fly over and bring it to TukCom in Pattaya ... or I'd hunt down exPat !!!

When I was there such 'problems' could be effectively dealt with for 500 to 1000 Baht, although the retrieval

of any files could not be guaranteed .. forget their integrity in Pattaya!


Thanks to anyone with the knowledge or patience to help.

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Thank you very much Mekong ... I am viewing your reply at about 9am on the East Coast (NC - USA)

I have to go meet my son's new 4th grade teacher; and, I'll try option 2 and/or 3 when I get back

... he will be back in school on Monday ! :yeahthat:



I will let you know how it works. Option 2 or 3 should work.


One question ... how do I get the PC into safe mood if not logged in ... without a password ?

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