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A Surprise Return


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woke up in the morning after a quiet night out and a good looking lady next to me.

but then a problem arose when again i refused intercourse with her and she was upset that i had refused to fuck her for the 3rd time.

she thought i had a problem with her or or body and i tried to explain a problem i have had for years.

it seems i am allergic to latex and even the non-latex versions affect me.

i can have a raging hard-on but once the condom is on then i just lose the erection and no good for either me or the lady.

i have always said in my stories that i prefer no condom but it's a choice of the lady if she says ok,otherwise i will always wear one and be a failure.

i do not and have never forced anyone to have sex with me without one.

after all there are other ways to satisfy each other.

it's a problem for me all the time but i doubt people will understand.


i made a coffee and she was intrigued and asked me to show her how to make a coffee to my satisfaction and she eventually made a good brew.

i sat at my window and watched the world go round as i liked to do and while my lady watched TV.

we eventually left the hotel and walked to the beach and froliced in the water and sun.

she said she had to go to work and i told her ok,but i would come for her later.

i had a few places to visit which were easier without a lady in tow and put her on a bike as i went to visit some old friends.


i'll make these postings brief as i'm having internet connection problems and hard to post at times.

and then tomorrow i'm talking to someone who i will beg to help me with my alcohol problem.

if i get what i want then i will be away for a while.

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Hint ... try some of the smaller bars in Soi Cowboy, especially early in the evening. :hubbahubba:

that's my point.

a lot of people just go the main areas.

if you know the place then you will know where things are much better and cheaper.


anyway i'm off to hosoital in 30 minutes and basically beg for help.

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Ditto, SJ. We're cheering for you. :cheerleader:

i was very nervous as it was on a unit where i used to work and i would be seeing the most scatty brained woman you could ever meet but a good friend.

she was brilliant with and after a lot of chat and soul-searching from yours truly she said i was brave in deciding to face my demons and has already arranged for me me to be admitted to a local de-tox unit in the next couple of weeks.

it is a harsh regime of 3 weeks with no visitors the entire time and i think a lot of isolation....but if it's what i need then i will try my hardest to do the bloody thing.

i just hope i can take my laptop as i want access to what's going on in the world.


thanks for the support guys....... :up:

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