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Rosetta Stone - Snl Spoof On Thailand

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Speaking of which, I bought some Rosetta Stone "originals" at Panthip, since my Spanish and German have got so pathetic from lack of practice. Turns out the instructions on how to install the programs are written in gibberish. Any suggestions besides jumping up and down and screaming a lot?

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I heard several complaints about this in the office today from the local staff. I thought it was funny, but didn't say so. One guy was talking about organizing some sort of web campaign against this YouTube Video; said it should be banned. (Hello: that won't stop the rest of the world from accessing it, but I kept quiet and didn't mention this obvious flaw in his plans.) Funny, of all of the things posted and said about Thailand, this one seems to have created the most contention in my office. What is that expression from Shakespeare (which I am about to butcher): "He thinks the lady does't protest too much"?

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