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House Hunters International - Battamgbang Cambodia


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This young gal obtained employment in Battambang. Seeking apartment in Battambang. Gal has a budget of no more then US $300.00 per month for rent.


Then the next show (Househunters USA) – completely different will show a US housewife looking at a $600,000.00 home somewhere in USA – and complaining that the new granite countertop is the wrong color granite. That the hot tub/whirlpool bath has the wrong color marble surrounding it. That the oak or maple hardwood floors are the wrong shade and must be completely removed. That the brand new kitchen appliances are the wrong color and all must be completely removed and replaced.


A stark contrast of lifestyles and wants.


Young Woman Empowers Girls of Battambang, Cambodia


Season 37 Episode 12


Aired date: May 24, 2012


“Plot: Shannon Hiller has always wanted to make an impact on the world around her. After spending the last year of her life in a governance job in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, she fell in love with the country and decided to stay. Now she's got a new job at the SALT Academy in Battambang, where she'll help young women learn leadership skills through her other passion, soccer. But Battambang is a little more rural than what Shannon's used to so she'll have the sacrifice creature comforts for basic necessities like hot wat... “



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I'd be angry too if I was spending $600k on a house and they got the colours and appliances wrong.


Used houses already constructed. Sometimes new spec homes - sometimes used remodeled homes. For sale homes.


That's the gist of show. Viewing 3 used/new homes for sale.

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