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Need A Satnav/gps

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The biggest problem with some phone apps is the need for online data service which can make it less than ideal.I prefer totally off line apps and currently use Sygic. The 7 day free trial will tell if its for you. Works good for me and I've bought specific country maps for it as and when I've needed them.

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no hab smart phone and data usage in los would bankrupt me!


You would be surprised how inexpensive it is, with AIS I have a Multi-SIM package which is one SIM card for the Phone and another for the Tablet for 850 THB / Month Unlimited 3G data which I subscribed to yesterday after getting back from 4 months in the UK. Even with One 2 Call the AIS Pay as You Go package it is still rather inexpensive. Always use a local SIM never home country account in Roaming mode, buy a pre-paid package and the SIM is free.


When I was in the UK I got a 3 SIM and for 10 Quid / Month had unlimited data and enough call minutes to meet my needs, I have previously done the same in Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Spain and a few other places. I prefer to travel light and cannot see the point in having an additional device and charger etc when a Smart Phone is an all in one option, Phone, MP3 Player, Sat-Nav, Web Browser / email checker SKYPE Video interface and also a Modem for my Laptop if I need to be online with a decent sized screen.




I hear what you are saying about the requirement to be online and even up to 12 months ago I would have agreed with you, but nowadays with "Cheap as Chips" data, country wide 2G coverage, 3G in all populated area and 4G (LTE) trials ongoing in 4 areas of Bangkok I don't find it that much of an issue anymore, but each to their own.

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