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7 Reasons Why You Really Shoudn't Move To Cambodia


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Met him 2 times. Quite a character (in a positive way). An oldie he was but with a spirit unusual for his age.


Wish he has found some fun up there.


From what I read here the owner of the Flamingo finally coughed up some funds - after some pushing.

I met the owner of the Flamingo Hotel and some of the adult children - during my stay there.

The whole family came - from Ohio - as I recall.

Part of the bunch taken out at fall of Cambodia and resettled in US.

Chinese restaurants - if I recall correctly - is where they made some of their money.

At the time - across street - they were having constructed some other establisment. Not sure what it was going to be.


During my stay Frank would wonder in and sit at bar and drink coffee.

Had a few long conversations with Frank. Quite an interesting history. Managed hotels in a few different countries and continents.

Me thinks his nationality was a tad ambiguous.

Always friendly. And good stories.

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