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7 Reasons Why You Really Shoudn't Move To Cambodia


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Of course it is, although no doubt some truth in some of it, but who cares it's an entertaining read. :)


I guess the life expectancy number is made up completely, but the core is absolutely true that you almost probably won't get that old as in LOS.


Just consider getting a stroke while living in S'ville compared to getting it in Patty or Phuket.


In S'ville friends will have to bring you to the next hospital (there isn't much choice anyway) with badly educated staff and an ill equipped emergency room and maybe without a Western style intensive care unit. For to avoid severe long term disability your friends will need to arrange an emergency flight to BKK (if you can afford it). This will take some time and it might be too late for a complete recovery. In Patty it's just a short trip to one of the 2-3 Western level hospitals with a proper emergency room, intensive care unit and meds trained in rehabilitation.


The former board member who died in Cambo (if I remember right, it was a stroke) is a sad example. He lived in the PP, but didn't have much money, because he had lost his job running a hotel. I think friends collected enough money to put him in hospital, but he would have needed 20.000 USD or so for an emergency flight to and proper hospital care in BKK.


Which means: If you plan of getting old in Cambo you'll need enough money for medical care in LOS, but even this might not help. If you get a severe stroke you'll need proper medical care within minutes not days...


PS: and of course you need enough money for trips to LOS for regular health checks, the dentist, e.g..

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Embassy was reasonably helpful, main point was he wasn't going to get better, and didn't want to go home. So not a lot they can do in those cases.


I get free health care from local village clinic, wouldn't want to stretch that to surgery or severe illness, but does me fine for small things.

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Well, what medical care would you get in LOS with no insurance or money? :rip:


Of course without an insurance or enough cash you won't receive proper care neither in LOS nor in Cambo. But as I wrote, if you get an life threatening illness in Cambo which needs immediate care you might not survive it even with health care due to substandard medical facilities in PP - and of course it gets even worse when you live outside the capital.

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