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Get Richer, Die Younger: Study

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He's a twist in things...




We all live longer when times are good, right?


Not so, according to a new study which says that in developed countries, the elderly have a higher mortality rate when the economy goes into higher gear.

Even its authors are baffled by the outcome.


The finding was "highly unexpected", Herbert Rolden from the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing in the Netherlands, told AFP.


In the long term, economic prosperity is credited with lower mortality rates across all age groups -- largely due to a drop in old-age mortality....

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I suspect as people get richer they get greedier, in poorer to middle countries, the old still live at home, in richer countries, fuck 'em off!


I remember a report from Sweden or somewhere, that old people homes built next to school, they lived longer, due to their interest and interaction with younger people, in poorer economic times you can't ship gran off to the old peoples home, so she lives AT home, and happier, and longer

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Old living at home, good idea, sadly lacking in my country of origin. My adopted land here in Laos, granny lives with the family. I get to contribute to care in a financial sense, but I'm not the only one, every one here shares. They look after me too. When I'm decrepit, there's at least three unmarried aunts and sisters who are younger than me, I'll be looked after. So I help now. Huumlaar knows.

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