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Iphone 4 Screen


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1700-2500 baht Bunch of places in MBK, Panthip, Fortune. I paid 2200 for a complete white to black swap on a 4S about 12 months ago at Zeer Rangsit.


Maybe have them fit a new battery whist you're at it.


Are you sure it is as much as that even? I had a replacement screen on an iPad about 18 months ago and I am sure it was less than 1,500 THB, that was at MBK.

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Is there any difference in the type of glass used by unauthorized vendors? I checked in KC about replacing the glass on my IPad and I was quoted 2 prices; presumably the higher price was the type of glass used by Apple vendors. When I had the glass replaced on 2 IPads 2 years ago at MBK, no one mentioned different types of glass. I'll be in Bangkok for a day, 21 May, and would like to get the glass replaced on one of my IPads.

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