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Stickman Announces Two Dcs


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Soi Angel is flying in from Burkina Faso for a summit meeting with Farangman and Stef on Friday to fine-tune the arrangements.


What could possibly go wrong? :grinyes: :grinyes: :grinyes:




I found these images, isn't it great Soi Angel has not just got teams from Africa, but they are bringing their own poles with them!


I'm not sure what African bar the first two are from but they sure have taken to the "GoGo" theme well


The carry your own pole rule seems to be in force.


And look at those Zulu Girls, I am not sure there are enough, but I'm willing to watch them dance






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From Stickman's weekly column:


"...The first Nanapong Comeback Dance Contest was a rousing success. Club Electric Blue dancer Miss May walked away with the top prize, 10,000 baht. The good Reverend Tommy MCed the event and was never short of a humorous quip. It may have been held in Dollhouse, but it felt like a home event for the girls of Club Electric Blue as the bar took 25 supporting girls along, many of who enjoyed a few too many, but still managed to have the time of their life. It was described as being in a time warp and a couple of folks said it was like the Bangkok of old. You can't get higher praise than that.

Following on from the success of the first comeback dance contest, the second event will be held 2 weeks from today in Club Electric Blue in Patpong. And it can be confirmed there will be Comeback Contest III, to be held in PlaySkool on the ground floor of Nana Plaza on Sunday October 12th at which each of the 3 major Bangkok bar areas will be represented..."

http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/StickmanWeeklyColumn2013/Bangkok-expat-website-for-sale.htm 31/08/14

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