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Stickman Announces Two Dcs


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  • 2 weeks later...

Could the atmosphere today ever hope to capture the atmosphere of yesteryear ?


I don't think people are as shocked today and far more have been further and farther than back in the day.


Pity I have no time now, not like before.


The Nanapong dance contest held in Club Electric Blue 2 weeks ago was brilliant in every respect. The night had an atmosphere that was every bit as good as the past - and may have even exceeded it.


Comparing events that span eras is like comparing the great rugby or football players of today with the greats of the '70s - it's just not possible to make an accurate comparison.


I will say that in terms of shock factor (I prefer to call it pleasant surprise factor), the most recent Pong event exceeded anything before it.


In terms of fun, it was as good as any night I have experienced in a Bangkok gogo bar. Ever. I think you will find the origanisers and all those who were lucky enough to make it along would agree.

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