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What's Wrong With Kicking A Hancuffed Man In The Head?


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BANGKOK: -- A Nakhon Sawan policeman who was seen in a video clip landing a kick on the face of a suspect sitting on the ground has been ordered transferred to an inactive post pending an investigation.


The clip was posted on the Facebook page of Da Drum? And it eventually went viral. It showed a group of 3-4 policemen trying to subdue a man believed to be drunk.


It was reported that the suspect whose identity was unknown appeared to be drunk and crashed his car into several other cars and continued to drive until the policemen gave chase.


The man resisted police arrest and it took quite some time before the policemen managed to subdue him and had him handcuffed.


As the man was forced to sit on the roadside, one of the policemen landed a kick on his face sending him unconscious. The incident took place in front of many onlookers.


Source: http://englishnews.t...ct-transferred/



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It appears that the seated perp may have made an "inappropriate" comment to the policeman. Too many people conflate the idea of "freedom of speech" with the non-equivalent idea of "freedom from consequences of your speech". The difference may be a jackboot in your mouth.




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