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Cost To Have Someone Install Hot Water Shower In The Boonies ?


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You can get both the fixed (or switched level) on demand heaters or a regular shower unit. We used the switched demand heaters for the sinks and showers but in the upcountry house just a regular shower unit. The regular shower unit has adjustable flow rate and temperature so there is no need for mixing. Horses for courses I guess.


Think some GFCI's are set for a 5mA trip level.


Our BKK House has one of those whole house Safe-T-Cut devices, can be set at 5 or 15mA I think.

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5 or 15mA no way, it would be tripping out all the time, IEEE and NEC regs call for a 30mA


I would have thought so too. I have some big old vacuum tube iron that certainly causes an imbalance at start up, even with some fairly heavy duty soft start switching on it. 5kW Resonant choke power supplies. That takes the trip out at the low level, really can't remember where it's actually set, I'll look next week though.


There's plenty of 5mA RCCD's out there. Maybe they have other uses.


A quick google, https://www.bluesea.com/articles/577

Though this is aimed at boats the suggestion that 5mA is appropriate for single branch circuits seems a (semi-)rational approach to other systems as well. As they say, lots of nuisance tripping risk if fitted on a main incomer.


The regs are an upper limit.

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I would not use a GFI such as Safety-Cut as you can completely eliminate the device with a setting on the device that disables the GFI function. Use a fixed GFI that cannot be disabled.


...and Kong, you are correct that the current kills but if you eliminate the voltage there will be zero current. I say voltage as some do not understand current.


Now up in Isaan and I greatly appreciate that the cousin has a heater! I shut my eyes and just imagine

it has a ground rod and is GFI protected...no matter, it is always an adventure up country :drunk:

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