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Stickman Leaving Thailand Soon

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Credit to Stickman for keeping it going this long!   Credit to KS for keeping NanaPlaza-Thai360 going for this long!   I know I couldn't do it and doubt most of us could...

In the past I've been critical of the site (stickman) -- elements I didn't like about it. Many of those things would be general criticisms I would level against the expat community of Thailand.  

Alternatively maybe it is the board membership is just getting older, and god forbid it actually growing up.   Fuckbook and Twatter is full of pretentious pricks, self advertising with "Selfies" and

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I stopped reading also a couple of years ago when he seemed to be running outof ideas.On the name issue I would say Thai360 is better because NanaPlaza suggests its the official site of that place on soi 4.


This board went from being the number one Thailand board, especially for nightlife coverage, to one that is barely on the radar to those people who were members from the beginning. The name change killed this board.

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KS got scared back in 2001 during the Thacksin draconian crackdown and changed the name.


It's posts like this that demonstrate well why I tend not to post on the forums any more. There's so much misinformation - and this is a really good example of it.


The sad part is that people read stuff from people on forums who don't have a clue what's going on and they believe it. Worse still, they repeat it, often twisting it further or adding false comments such as "my friend who knows KS or Stickman or whoever said that......".


As for this forum's name change, that came several years later and was nothing to do with KS being scared or anything like that. It was due to a completely different and one which KS need not explain nor justify.

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He may have departed already, as I had sent him emails but no replies :dunno:




he may be busy packing up...


I have been away from Bangkok this week and only just got back so my apologies for not replying as yet. I am 6 days behind on emails and it's probably not going to be until Monday when I get a chance to catch up.

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Props to Stickman for doing it week in /week out... I still read his site weekly, ya it gets repetitive sometimes but sometimes also very insightful ! also enjoy some of the readers submissions


It's nice to hear that you still tune in. Yep, I'll be the first to admit that some weeks my weekly column is flat. Some weeks I am happy with what comes out and others my heart isn't in it.


Reader numbers for my site have dropped in recent months. They haven't plummeted or sunk, but they're down about 15% on the middle of last year. They remained steady for a very long time, but about 6 months ago the decline started. They did pick up again in November or December which is probably indicative of people tuning in before their high season visit, but they have come off a little again.


The long term trend on all Thailand forums with a nightlife slant is down. It's simply a reflection of the industry itself with fewer newbies coming along. Aas I have written ad nauseum n recent times, the bar business is suffering and operators are hurting with many bars seeing a turnover down by 50% or more. Given that drinks prices and barfines have gone up, it suggests the number of vsitors is down by 50% plus. I maintain that the prognosis going forward is grim for all parties.

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Funny before you said it was the same rehashed shite every week and you couldn't be bothered reading it. It's really a plug for his advertisers like fill in the blank Irish or English bar with an all you can eat Sunday carvery, Sunrise Tacos, any bar affiliated with Dave the Rave, or Secrets in Pattaya having an event. He's been going through the motions for awhile with very mundane opening topics. Like I said, he caught lightning in a bottle and started a nightlife website when no one else stepped up....and I give him credit for that.


Some of the content of the weekly column is simply a reflection of the places I go and the bars that contact me and provide information. That's why some places are mentioned over and over again and some are never mentioned.


Dave The Rave's bars don't advertise with me, neither does Secrets, neither does Sunrise Tacos.


In the case of Dave, yes, he is a friend and he also let's me know what is happening in his bar. If i am in Nana I go in to see him, I see what's happening in his bar and write about it. Ditto when I am in Pattaya I go to Secrets. They don't advertise with me. Secrets quite simply has a format that works for me. Sunrise Tacos is where I eat often so I write about it. Yes, the owner is a good friend, but if I didn't like it, I wouldn't write about it! I have many friends in business who have bars or restaurants I don't like and I simply don't mention them!


There are other bars like Heaven Above in Pattaya and Club Malibu recently which get frequent mentions BECAUSE THE OWNERS LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. I have long tried to get bar bosses to tell me what's happening so I can plug parties, promotions and events but most are really slack at letting me know what is going on.

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