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The Old Days ...

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I remembered going to that restaurant and it was billed as the world's largest restaurant with employees travelling on skates!


Another restaurant that is gone is the "No Hands" restaurant! On my first trip to Bangkok which was a business trip, my host took me there and his girl was the most beautiful person I ever saw. She was quite popular going from one room to another by customer

requests. Food was very good. I ended up taking my girl to the Intercontinental hotel. Days later when I checked out, an extra

charge appeared for having a guest which I protested and got the manager to take the charge off from my bill!

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Can anyone remember the name of the clothes shop chain that was very popular with tourists in early-mid 1980's. They had one branch opposite near Sukhumvit Soi 1 and another at the Bali Hai end of Pattaya Walking St amongst others? They specialized in T-shirts with beach scenes but had other stuff as well. All had the designers signature bottom right corner on the shirt. I think the guy who started it was either a Brit or American? It became so popular everyone copied the style and I guess he went out of business?

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