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  1. Now that Trump has won and is the president-elect, let's see in the coming months what he does for the disaffected-largely white workers in the "rust belt" and other places in America. That was his core message---of his help to bring back jobs, which is a departure from Republican orthodoxy. Will the rejection of TPP and the renegotiation of NAFTA do that or will he start a trade war with China? Below is Senator Elizabeth Warren's letter to her supporters. This wasn’t a pretty election. In fact, it was ugly, and we should not sugarcoat the reason why. Donald Trump ran a campaign t
  2. In five states Sanders won where exit polling data is available — Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. I doubt that Sanders if he ran against Trump, he would win in Indiana (Trump's running mate, Pence is the governor of that state), Oklahoma and West Virginia....all "red" states. I agree Sanders has a better chance than Clinton in Michigan and Wisconsin...both states went to Trump! As a side note, Trump's home state...New York went to Clinton by a 1.5 million vote margin. In Manhattan, more than 500,000 votes went to Clinton vs. 58,000 for Trump. In t
  3. Assault Rifle (AR-15) should be banned but the powerful NRA successful lobby to Republicans prevents any legislative from passing. I hope the filibuster by the Democrats will have some positive effect on the upcoming vote in the Senate.
  4. Coming to Bangkok (Thailand) for over 25 years, I have noticed that prices are higher but still inexpensive compared to US standards like living in NYC or San Francisco. On my first visit to Bangkok on business, I stayed at the Intercontinental hotel, got taken to the "NO HANDS" restaurant and to a massage place....all paid by my company or by the host. At the massage place, the host did not pay for a "happy ending" which the girl noted was an extra 500 baht. Back in those days and as a "handsome" man, I did not believe in paying for sex and I declined paying...even though the girl saw my
  5. Can someone recommend the best and an inexpensive place to repair an electric (Philips) shaver. I believe I shorted out when I tried to replace the battery. Here in the states, the repair cost usually exceeds the value of getting a new shaver. I know there are shops (phones) at MBK and at Pantip Plaza (computers) but not a place specifically for small electrical items. I plan to visit Bangkok in Nov/Dec so any help will be appreciated.
  6. Trickery and False Promises in Thailand By THE EDITORIAL BOARDAPRIL 10, 2015 [i think it might be best to read the article on the New York Times site rather than here - KS]
  7. I remembered going to that restaurant and it was billed as the world's largest restaurant with employees travelling on skates! Another restaurant that is gone is the "No Hands" restaurant! On my first trip to Bangkok which was a business trip, my host took me there and his girl was the most beautiful person I ever saw. She was quite popular going from one room to another by customer requests. Food was very good. I ended up taking my girl to the Intercontinental hotel. Days later when I checked out, an extra charge appeared for having a guest which I protested and got the manager to ta
  8. allow me to make a suggestion...there should be a program on each aircraft that prevents a person from "crashing the airplane" such as flying into a mountain!
  9. fyi... The best selling book about Steve Jobs indicated that as a young man, he would be without shoes and to clean his feet, he would put them in the toilet bowl. Last week, during the day time, I drove on the highway and I saw a guy who pulled over and rather than hide behind a tree, he took a piss for all to see! And this is America with Americans doing uncivilized things?
  10. It is not just Chinese tourists that Thailand is wooing: China is a top trading partner. The government has sought to strengthen ties with Beijing since some Western countries downgraded diplomatic ties when the military seized power last year. Raising revenue from tourism is a government priority to compensate for weak exports, said Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd, the country's deputy government spokesman. Thailand, therefore, has to tolerate bad behavior for the sake of its vital tourist industry, he said. "We have to endure because having tourists is better than having no tourists
  11. BANGKOK (Reuters) - Drying underwear at a temple and defecating in public, kicking a bell at a sacred shrine and washing feet in a public restroom: that's a sample from a litany of complaints about the behavior of Chinese tourists in Thailand. Public outrage forced the Thai government to issue thousands of Chinese-language etiquette manuals last month in an effort to ensure sightseers behave themselves. Feathers were ruffled anew in March when a Thai model posted a video on Facebook accusing Chinese tourists of jumping the line at an airport, prompting heated debate from Thai and Chine
  12. The news also reported that the pilot had 6,000 hrs of flying on the Airbus 320 while the co-pilot started the job in 2013 and had only 630 hrs of flying time. It is a good thing that the voice recorder was recovered while the data recorder has yet to be located. The information that one of the pilots was locked out is very troubling. While it is very early to know all the facts, I now believe evidence strongly points to the pilot behind the control caused the crash.
  13. "Patagonian toothfish", aka snow fish...is also known in the US as Chilean Sea bass and is still available in the states. I have had it in the past and I must say it is delicious. Too bad, it is overfished. I am not sure if the trendy restaurants in the states are still serving it. Also here in the states, California and NY have outlawed "shark fins soup".
  14. In January the junta forced a German foundation to cancel a forum on press freedom saying Thailand was at a sensitive juncture. Since taking power, the junta has made full use of martial law, which also bans all political gatherings. Prayuth was particularly critical of the Thai-language Matichon daily newspaper, accusing the paper of siding with ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his allies. "Don't think I don't know that your writing is pro the previous administration," he told a Matichon reporter shortly before boarding a plane to Brunei. "The previous Interior Mini
  15. BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha lashed out at journalists on Wednesday, saying he would "probably just execute" those who did "not report the truth", in the latest outburst aimed at Thailand's media. Last month Prayuth said he had the power to shut down news outlets. On Wednesday, he took an even harsher line. "We'll probably just execute them," said Prayuth, without a trace of a smile, when asked by reporters how the government would deal with those that do not adhere to the official line. "You don't have to support the governm
  16. As reported by CNBC (US cable network) in 2014 Chinese tourists have become some of the biggest spenders abroad, according to a new report, averaging over $1,000 a day. According to Hotels.com's Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) report published Wednesday, the average Chinese overseas traveler spends a whopping 6,707 renminbi ($1,086) per day while on vacation, excluding accommodation costs. However, in the data breakdown, the report, which surveyed 3,000 Chinese tourist and 3,000 hoteliers worldwide, showed that an extremely wealthy segment of traveler was responsib
  17. here in the states, it has been reported that Chinese tourists are big spenders, spending on average much more than tourists from other nations. While a majority of them come in groups and their lack of manners presents problems for the host country, their contribution to the economy is nevertheless appreciated.
  18. Having visited Thermae during my last trip to Bangkok, I can report that there are changes. First, the neighborhood has changed somewhat with fancy new upscale hotels located all around. The girls have gotten younger and prettier than earlier years and yes, Japanese clientele are the majority customers. With that, prices have gone up to 2,000 baht st and some girls would not do long time because they can do 2-3 customers or possibly 4 or more time an evening. Also, it is important to note that action starts early with customers coming in around 9pm and by 9:30pm, the best girls are
  19. I took the bus from Ekaimai to Pattaya and at the bus station, I took the baht bus the name of the hotel, he said 50 baht. Had I not said anything and got on the baht bus, it would have been 20 baht to stop at any location on beach road. On my return to the bus station, I waved a baht bus and took him that I needed to go to the bus station, he said 100 baht. Another driver said 200 baht. I saw a tourist paid that amount. I simply took a bus who proceeded to where I needed to connect to another bus. That was 10 baht and my connecting bus was also 10 baht! The bus from Ekaimai to Patt
  20. As an experienced traveler, I travel lite with mostly carry on luggage. If my flight arrives early, I take the train but most of the time, my flight from the US arrives late and by the time, I get through immigration, it is near midnight which requires me to take a taxi into town. I always tell the driver that I have been to Bangkok many many times which is true and they think twice in scamming me. Taxi into Bangkok should be in the 400 baht range, including the 75 bath highway toll and 50 baht surcharge!
  21. The White House has little to no control over the agency that puts out the unemployment data. That fact became clear when the former CEO of General Electric, a well regarded figure, made comments suggesting that the White House "cook the books" on unemployment rates.
  22. The US dollar is at or near its high against the euro with the Euro to the $ around $1.04-$1.06 range. Because the US $ has appreciated against most currencies, real estate prices in Europe are now less expensive than a year or two years ago. Unemployment rate in the US is down to 5.5%. The US stock market is doing very well. I believe the US dollar will remain strong as long as crude oil prices remain at today's prices...about 50% less than a year ago. Yes, I wish the Thai baht to be 40 to the $ on my return visit to Thailand next year.
  23. fyi...As reported by Barrons March 16, 2015, 1:39 A.M. ET . Which Asian Currencies Will Be Vulnerable As Dollar Gets Stronger? . By Shuli Ren Last week, the U.S. dollar index, which benchmarks against a basket of major currencies, hit a milestone of 100, the highest level since 2000. The U.S. economy is stronger, but the Federal Reserve Bank is also set to tighten rates this year, while the rest of the world is walking the other way. The dollar has already gained over 10% this year. Without question, emerging Asia’s currencies have weakened. We’ve had six centra
  24. Below is from today, New York Times article... HONG KONG — Central banks across Asia are racing to cut interest rates, but they may not be doing it fast enough to stave off economic malaise. The problem is weak inflation. Policy makers appear to have been surprised by how slowly prices are rising, and the slowdown is starting to weigh on economic growth across the region. If prices drop for too long, companies invest less and people’s pay shrinks. Asia is not experiencing such outright deflation yet, but the risks are rising. Inflation began weakening last year in the region
  25. Here in the US, it was reported that unemployment rate reached a low of 5.5%...good news? Well, the stock market dropped due to the news because it might prompt the Fed in raising interest rates earlier than expected, in June instead of Sept/Oct. Since the reported unemployment news, the stock market has been retreating.
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