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Repairs To Electic (Philips) Shaver


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Can someone recommend the best and an inexpensive place to repair an electric (Philips) shaver.


I believe I shorted out when I tried to replace the battery.


Here in the states, the repair cost usually exceeds the value of getting a new shaver.


I know there are shops (phones) at MBK and at Pantip Plaza (computers) but not a place specifically for small

electrical items.


I plan to visit Bangkok in Nov/Dec so any help will be appreciated.



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Well, I hope someone here can chime in with a repair shop/person.


When in LOS I used to as Izzie - who used to live at the Nana Hotel (later a condo nearby). He knew where to go for everything.


But the flip side is - is the shaver worth fixing ?


I have an older electric shaver (discontinued model) that I like - and when I need a replacement - I just go to eB*y and get another.

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You might try a stroll around the back alleys of Ban Moh. There out on the street you will find the motor rewinders and speaker rebuilders. If they can't help chances are good that they'll know a dude who can.


Note: Having Thai capability on hand in this part of town, either your own or the long haired walking kind is a good idea.

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