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That Open Air Soi 7 Food-Court Restaurant That Closed Down, And Similar

Fiery Jack

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I'm not sure how much longer the V8 Diner/Insanity has their lease on the building - but looks for sure like a smaller footprint on that corner than would fit a full size hotel. (Corner of Soi 12 / Sukhumvit)


The operators of V8 / Insanity are conresting their lease which ended and are trying to remain there for a few more years. The lease actually ran out at the end of March, but they want to stay there as long as possible. An office building is planned for that spot.

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Suda, When I left in July it was still there. Has been there for as long as I have been to Thailand. Khun Sanuk brought me there on my first trip in 97 or 98 or thereabouts.

Yes it's still there although I haven't been back for years after a particularly bad meal served in their traditional poor manner. Some places that deserve to die seem to have the tenacity of the lowly cockroach, an apt comparison in this case.

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