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New Nanaplaza Web Site

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Nana Plaza


Good gracious!

What has become of my beloved Nana Plaza?


* Round about 25% of the "girls" are Katoeys. Horrible - disgusting


* Prices for barfines and beverages have become unaffordable.


* Prices for the girls are exorbitant → long time 5000 Baht and more!


* The attitude of the girls gets more and more economical, professional, commercial, sly and slick.


These descriptions show the descent from a Girls Paradise for State of Grace.


Why a new site for the Nana Plaza?

For what? What is it good for?


Live from the university library of Duesseldorf


Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Rents are ridiculous these days, up around 1 million baht a month. The smaller Nana bars have been squeezed out. Mostly just big bars these days with lots of pressure to buy "lady drinks".


p.s. What good is it for? Somebody is trying to make money off of it. Lots of luck.

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