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Usd No Longer Accepted In Burma


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I am thinking it's an exchange racket being run by the Junta.


Perhaps headed back to the days of 15-45-90 kyat bills, after they invalidated all the 50 and 100 kyat notes overnight, allegedly to counter hoarding not permitted in their socialist paradise... Crazy days - getting change was a constant adventure, especially as the kyat became worth less and less, yet no useful large-denomination bills were issued - good for sharpening math skills!


(Hoarding was the alleged target, though it was also considered an astrology-related thing: Ne Win's favorite lucky number nine reflected in the 45s and 90s... Are we headed back to madness? I suppose The Lady would say her almost-lucky number is 8 - if you start noticing 24 kyat and 80 kyat bills around, get ready for a long winter of new dictatorship...)

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