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New Consulate In Brissie

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Thai consulate in Brisbane closed a few years ago.


Now there is a new one, in the city.


Went there to get a Marriage Multiple Entry Marriage visa


Impossible last few years, but recently called them and rules just changed


Went in with the usual paperwork, one funny thing, on the call the girl told me I needed to show $40,000 in the bank.


I told her no one I know has $40,000 in a bank account


Turns out, as I thought, she meant equivalent of 40,ooo baht


Two days later I have a multi entry marriage visa.


Very happy

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I thought you needed 400,000 baht for a marriage visa - not 40,000. It's 800,000 for retirement.


p.s. Is this the consulate that was found to be stamping visas for people who never even left Thailand? It was all done by a travel agency through the diplomatic pouches. (Or maybe that was Perth. A friend did it a few times, but fortunately stopped before they got caught.)

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