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My new Visa card is good for Rabbit. I asked the gal at the bank what it was, and she sort of vaguely said something about the internet. I see Rabbit sign up booths on the major BTS stations, but I still don't know what the advantage would be to me.


Does anyone know what it's all about? (I don't do banking through the internet.)

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At least when Hong Kong brought out their "octopus" card that strung together different public services, transport, cash purchases etc they named it something that suggests a creeping, slimy influence extending throughout our lives -- rather than Rabbit, which seems a bit like a teenager with a credit card and permission to fuck anything that moves...

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I like these :)


Visa launches smart sunnies so festival goers can leave their wallets at home


FESTIVAL-goers today will experience a taste of life in the cashless future by leaving their wallets at home and using a prototype of smart sunglasses to buy their food and drinks.

Visa and sunglass manufacturer Local Supply has produced about 150 WaveShades sunglasses for trial in a pilot study at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival events today in Melbourne and next week in Sydney.

The WaveShades have been fitted out with a prepaid payment chip, allowing the wearer to make contactless payments with a swipe of their sunnies.




Visa’s head of product in Australasia Rob Walls said the sunglasses would not be available for general use at this year’s festival but the pilot could lead to them being offered for sale in the future.

In the pilot study, the smart sunglasses will be loaded with $50 in credit but if they get released as a product they will be linked to a bank account and so can be loaded with any prepaid amount.

Kate Peck, who will be trying out the WaveShades at the Sydney Festival, called them a “really interesting collaborationâ€.


“It’s using fashion with technology and it’s everything that festival-goers need because we don’t want to be carrying around things,†she said.

“It just makes everything more convenient, it means I don’t have to carry a wallet.

“It’s just minimising everything for our lifestyle. That’s what we want — we’re time poor and we want things to be as simple as possible.

“I’m a big fan of technology, especially when it’s used for fashion because it works so well within our lifestyles. It’s what we demand as a customer.â€

With mobile payment systems on smartwatches and smartphones becoming increasingly popular, Juniper Research predicts mobile and wearable payments will hit $100 billion globally by next year.

Mr Walls said payment companies and fashion companies were continuing to push the boundaries in developing new products.

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