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Model Kidnapped To Be Auctioned As Sex Slave

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Saw her on the news last night - she would definitely get a discount in a Chinese restaurant

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You have a hidden bedroom?


If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret. ;-)


Reminds me of something a few years ago. Me and a buddy were in San Francisco looking for a new apartment to share. One evening we were shown this one flat, it was huge, 2 bedroom, just $1000 a month, in the Mission The walls had that fake wood panelling. As we walked around, I noticed the floor had a bit of give, it felt bouncy. And there was a small gap in the wall, and I looked closely and saw that there was nothing behind it, just black. There wasn't a wall there. My buddy was all over it, couldn't believe what a great deal it was. I went back the next day. It turned out that there was a business on the other side of that wall. A big wood/lumber shop. To say it was noisy would be an understatement, with all the table saws going. It turns out our would-be apartment was a loft built up on top of this warehouse to one side that was meant to be a demo.

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There is an active sex slave trade happening around the wealthy and influential and because of their money and power it doesn't get stopped.



the average sick fuck gets caught and tried. The rich and powerful do not. Its always been that way. Women, children serfs in the middle ages. Women and children in the colonies in the Ameicas, Africa. in the middle east its still fairly common. There hundreds if not thousands of filipinas who are virtually sex slaves after coming there to be nannies and workers.


Its a sick fucking world. What can be done?

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Hmmm....I suspect not many people give a rats. There are billions of people out there, a lot of news sources create their own opinion by cherry picking from the thousands of reactions. There has been alternative versions of pre existing stories for decades. West Side Story was a reboot of Romeo and Juliet. I took one of those easy A classes in college to pad my GPA, film and television (i got a B+, for missing half the classes, couldn't even get that right) and the professor said that the Flinstones were a cartoon reboot of The Honeymooners and the Honeymooners was a vague reboot of Of Mice and Men. This is not new. Shakespeare gets reinvented a lot.


There are however, organized groups who attempt to make things go viral. For years, the alt right has had groups that will comment on certain topics with fake accounts so one person can make 5 or 10 similar comments that seem they are from 5 or 10 different people. Yahoo news is the biggest. Look at the accounts of some of the more profane comments, click on that person's screen name, hardly anything there. Fake facebook accounts is common. I discovered that years and years ago when I worked for a company's online site and helped edit it. We noticed in the op ed the source of comments were multiple coming from the same isp. I did further research and found that there were organized groups out there doing this.


Anyway, I actually enjoy seeing different versions of classic stories or an updated version.

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Yeah, I'd think that Lord of the flies with girls, would be a completely different thing, not because all conflict is a male evil thing, as some have suggested, but because, as the Author opined, when you boil down a bunch of girls, you just don't get the same behaviour...


Re internet comments and being organised by one source, just modern technology's take on the letter writing campaign.



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Off topic but related, but women are the far more savage in fighting than men are. In school whenever boys fought, pretty much globally, once the other guy is down its over. Submission or in ability to put up a fight ends almost all fights. Exceptions such as its deeply personal.


When girls or women fight? Its always deeply personal. They will grab the other girl by the hair even when she's done and keep smashing her head into the ground.


Women like to say it would be a more peaceful world if they were in charge. I'm inclined to say it would be far, far more brutal (and illogical...feelings codified as laws) if seeing how both genders fight is any indication.


I knew 3 cops in LA when I lived there and they said by far the worse domestic abuse calls were lesbians. A scary percentage of the time, when the neighbor would call, one of the girls would be out cold or requiring more medical attention than a man beating a woman. A woman taking a beating from a man, as bad as it is, over quickly because of a man's strength. It doesn't take much, but a woman takes more time to beat another woman so the body is taking more blows.


Crazy shit.

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