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A Guide To Understanding Harassment In The Post Milennial World


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A guide to understanding harassment in the post milennial world (Foofs! 'milennial' dos not refer to a group of partly educated smartphone wearing people, it means since the year 2,000).


Or how to avoid unwarranted accusations of sexual harassment from people, whom, you have never harassed.


This is only partly, intended as humour.


We have all indicated our interest in members of the opposite sex in some way, at least those of us with hormones have.


At the simplest, this behaviour, could be as minimal as looking at the person briefly. At the most blatant, this could be, forcefully, bending the purported victim over and taking the initiative in a bout of sexual intercourse. A la Matt Lauer.


I once worked in an office of some fifty women and only three men. I was one of the men. The legal counsel was also a man. In my first week I asked the legal counsel what constitutes harassment, of the sexual kind, vis a vis women. I'd noticed that some of these fifty women were particularly vicious looking.


He said, "Anything she says it is". And this has, in my opinion, proven to be the case.


So when I hired a pretty Asian girl, who was by far and away the best qualified for the job, over a couple of mongrels, with no education, you can imagine the tightrope, I was tripping over.


For five years I was at pains to never compliment a woman on anything, comments like "You look nice today" to "Are those new earrings?" were verboten.


Again we run into the perception issue. If she likes being complimented, this should be a good thing, that someone has noticed something positive, but as it's a male, that's doing the complimenting, most of the women would seek to cast this as, "compliments designed to get male in to her pants". Jeez.


This evident truth, is further muddied by the consent issue, and many men have been subsequently vilified for what at the time, may have been consensual behaviour, only to find out later, that the feminine contestant in the game, had changed her view of such activity.


This is not to exonerate genuine, predatory or boorish harassment or unwanted sexual interest from men whose behaviour is actually and patently wrong. These beasts should be punished. better, they should have, not done such.


These modern times, it is a tenet, of female group or individual, behaviour to seek out the salacious, to devote attention to the bad behaviour of others.


Part of this interest, is because people learn from the behaviours and experiences of others.


Personal gain is driving force for all people, male or female. It is also something that, rightly or wrongly, females have historically been able to derive from males.


It is in my opinion, only since the 1960s that, women have truly been able to provide for themselves and their progeny, without male support. When I say 'been able to', this statement is in large part, theoretical, most women still seek a male partner for financial benefit. Those males with more wealth than others or pathways to such, are seen by women with a desire to gain such wealth, as very desirable. See Prince Harry...


Back in the day, females would seek out males that could provide, hunted food, as gathering berries and insects, near the cave, whilst tending to children did not usually provide enough high quality protein to further their health and future. Men did the hunting, women in the most part didn't. Women needed men to provide and protect.


This is not sexist, this is true and is a common theme in the social structure of many animals including Gorillas and Chimps, even Bonobos.


There is an argument that agriculture in a formal sense, was driven by women, and that this allowed the expansion of what we call civilisation, still, men have been shouldering the physical burden of 'work' as we call it now and protection of the women and children since time immemorial.


This is not to say that men did not derive benefit from the historical way of doing things. But the answer to life the universe and everything is not 42, it's progeny. For both men and women. Biological drives are what makes us do most things.


So now we've created a civilisation wherein the female of the species has in most part, equal rights. I wont debate feminism here, as to do so will distract from my observations. So let's assume that females have equal rights etc. The actual roll out of those rights, may differ from culture to culture and from city to city.


The biological behaviour of men and women for the most part (I'll not discuss, gender fluid, or outliers here) has remained the same over the course of our species. Men desire women, women desire men and to be desired.


Despite the ("pink sparkly unicorn" ridden notion, of one and only true love), as noted earlier, women actively seek men, who will provide and protect, or provide pathways to such. Again I don't exonerate Weinstein et al, I merely draw attention to female tendencies.


Things have changed, but not very much in this regard. The common use of the 'pre-nup' agreement is in direct response to the vast numbers of women seeking out a wealthy man to divorce for half or all his wealth.


In the olden days, a man who parted from his family was either a good guy who still provided for them, or a cad who abandoned them.


But these days, the situation can be different. When my first wife divorced me, yes, she drove it and insisted on it, after the event, for some years, she still expected me to help her in every way possible...


So back to the origin of this missive, to avoid unwarranted accusations of sexual harassment.


Firstly, you must be able to completely ignore women. I find this very easy, unless the individual is in the top 2% on my attractiveness scale.


Secondly any interactions with a woman you desire, must be in public, so there are witnesses, and not just her female friends/competitors. Caution must be exercised here, think Thai bouncers in Thai gogo bars.


Thirdly, think about getting a 'sexual pre nup', if she finds this off-putting, is she really ready for all that wealth?


Fourth, in commercial transactions, demand a receipt, I would go so far, as to keep the receipts for dinners and petrol for the car etc, when dating.


Lastly, think about recording events on video or even just audio. But remember you're trying to preserve evidence of her willing participation or even her initiation. Care must be taken here, google 'Gable Tostee'.


Also remember that if two people are equally drunk, or drugged and they have sex, the female participant can claim rape because she was not in a position to consent. I recommend a clause in the sexual pre nup that requires the female participant to be sober at all times.


Or better yet, dont piss her off.

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And further - In light of this news :


Kiwi farmer jailed in Singapore for accidentally touching a barmaid






1 - completely ignore women


​and be careful about video and audio, though in this case it should have exonerated the male.

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Nothing in my earlier comments, condones or supports the truly execrable way some women are treated by men, particularly as shown in this photo from Afghanistan





Afghan judge hitting a woman with a whip in front of a crowd in Ghor province, Afghanistan, on Aug. 31, 2015. (Reuthers/Pajhwok News Agency)

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Title of thread is a bit of an oxymoron.

But get the point. That photo reminds me of the video of the Burmese housekeeper be-headed in the middle of the street in Saudi Arabia for "allegedly" assualted a young girl both anally and vaginaly with a broom handle. Accusation made by the grubby uncle. Double whammy Burmese and Female. What chance did she have 😡

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Nothing in my earlier comments, condones or supports the truly execrable way some women are treated by men, particularly as shown in this photo from Afghanistan





Afghan judge hitting a woman with a whip in front of a crowd in Ghor province, Afghanistan, on Aug. 31, 2015. (Reuthers/Pajhwok News Agency)





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Quite. And somewhat belatedly, a point could be made about how western women could start being thankful for what they've got, and focus their attention on the wrongs perpetrated on all genders of other countries and and all sexes in their own countries.


But that's OK, Kim Khardashian's lawyers will fix everything.

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