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Monkey Deer Sex


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I cant find the post that references this topic, but I was reading up on it, as you do when sheep are thin on the ground and all the pretty one's have been snaffled...



any hoo


it seems that it's only young females that do this




"The researchers observed 13 monkey-deer sexual interactions (and eight failed attempts) during the few months, in which the female monkeys would mount the deer and rub up against them. These mounts lasted somewhere between 3 seconds and 42 seconds each, and each encounter involved around 0.5 to 2.3 mounts, on average.


They weren't exactly sure why the interactions were happening, but the paper offered a few hypotheses. Maybe the females were practicing their sexual behaviours on the deer. Or perhaps they would rather hump deer than the more aggressive male macaques.


Maybe the males prefer older females, leaving the young females without sexual partners. Or maybe these were the result of playful interactions turned sexual."


Also, in the journals, I read that the young female monkeys would stare longingly at the deer and have tantrums if the deer moved on, i.e. typical young female behaviour.


Now lets see the feminists blame all this on White Middle Aged Men... Herein and after... WMAM

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