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ICQ was all that was available when us dinosaurs first roamed the internet and some of us are still around, you may knock it but at the turn of the millennium it was cutting edge until MSN Messanger (and to a short extent yahoo) became popular.


Who remembers “MSN Groups� Online forums with chat room capabilities


The problem I find with the likes of Line and What’s app are the fact that they are more social based and not professional, I feel comfortable with my Skype or Face Time ID on a Business Card but wouldn’t put Line etc on one (the fact I don’t have one is a moot point)


Goodness that's all a bit modern from where I was sat. First work stuff was done with CompuServe. They had a web browser as well, NCSA Mosaic, that I think became Netscape Navigator, maybe. This was early 90's. As well as that it was converted 1200/75, (yeah that's 1200 baud download and 75 baud upload) Prestel (BT's first vision of how the connected world would look) modems (that we board as just the populated pcb's and boxed them with power supply's) into dial up bulletin boards where you could download dodgy GIF files of birds jiggling their tits. This was the day of the Amstrad PC 1512 and 1640 or where I was raking it in by flogging built up 286 (with co-processor) or 386 (for the flash fucks) machines that I bought as boards and cases and put together myself. The days when you went deaf from 9 pin printers.


So we did messaging over CompuServe, at outrageous costs. What a time :)

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No limit on hours?


No limit on hours but limited speed.

I tried 1000 kb/sec, it is fast enough for everything except big downloads and HD movies. Every provider has it, usually 399 B/month.

Line works very well even with a speed of 256 kb/sec (except video calls).

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