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Helicopter crashes at Leicester City ground

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The helicopter belonging to the Thai owners of Leicester City FC  has crashed in flames on the car park of the King Power Stadium car park shortly after taking off. Details on who were on the helicopter at the time have not been confirmed, but judging on the pictures I've seen it certainly doesn't look good. I'll post an update later if more news comes in before I hit the sack.

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The won't say if the owner of King Power was in the crash, nor will they say he wasn't.

I guess we'll find out if being a billionaire protects one from high speed contact with the earth.

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King Power says no comment yet on helicopter crash

Officials at King Power said on Sunday they could make no comment after a helicopter belonging to chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, who also owns Leicester City football club, crashed in flames following a Premier League match.

Two King Power officials contacted by Reuters said they could neither confirm nor deny whether Vichai was on board the helicopter, which British media reported to have crashed late on Saturday outside Leicester City's stadium.

"We cannot say anything and no statement can be given yet," one of the King Power officials said. 





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 BBC now reports the owner was on board.


Freelance photographer Ryan Brown was covering the game and saw the helicopter clear the King Power Stadium before it crashed.

He told BBC Radio Leicester: "The engine stopped and I turned round and it made a bit of a whirring noise, like a grinding noise.

"The helicopter just went silent, I turned round and it was just spinning, out of control. And then there was a big bang and then [a] big fireball."

Leo Bruka told 5 Live that he saw two police officers whose car was near the crash scene.

"One of them was looking for something and the other one, he ran straight away to the helicopter and he was trying to break the window," he said.

"Then there is an explosion and they pulled back because the fire was too hot."



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