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Speaking as one, who has approached the abyss on occasion, I do not attempt to diminish, genuine suicidal circumstances.


Epstein has "killed himself"





or - Google

So do people in his circumstances opt for a way out, like suicide? Or do they hope for some other relief, from their predicaments? Or do they get murdered?

My personal non-Psychiatrist point of view, is that he would have hoped, to be given an 'easy' sentence, that allowed for, 'running away' to a non-extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Like an Island, or a lake resort in the Balkans or somewhere.

(note: this is not an attempt, to insert politics into the Board Bar)

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12 minutes ago, Flashermac said:

Everyone knew he wouldn't be allowed to talk. So just how did he get what he needed to "hang himself" in a maximum security prison? 

Cameras? Guards?

There is a chance that this a all a ploy and he is not died but moved to a more secure destination...

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Christ, despite his best efforts to smash his own skull in against the wall, and to electrocute himself, they even kept Jack Ruby alive long enough to get a trial (well, one at least) and for cancer to catch up to him (if indeed it really was cancer, of course - a caution that also applies to Bob Marley's fatal football injury... )...  I guess that just means that the Epstein thing is... BIGGER THAN JFK!!!

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