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I spent a good but of time in Indonesia in the mid 90's, Palembang to Pontianak and all points in between. Jakarta was always fun and nights at the Tanamur were always some of the best. The list of close encounters, some of the most bizarre kind, would fill a book. This was all before I had really experienced Thailand and probably just as well since I always felt Thailand was a bit tame compared to my experiences in Indonesia had been, that and the many months at Subic, Olongapo and the surrounding Barrio's.

A friend once described the Tanamur quite succinctly as that bar in the original star wars which had one of just about every species in the entire galaxy.. I could well believe it if they had truly modeled that scene on the Tanamur, it was even wilder in truth.

In addition to the three T's mentioned in the articles above the Hard Rock Cafe in Jakarta was another major fun venue.

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