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COVID 19 Vaccinations for Foreigners

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OPINION: LOSING FAITH IN THAI GOVT’S TIMELY INOCULATION ABILITIES By  Pravit Rojanaphruk, Senior Staff Writer  -  June 5, 2021 11:00 am When people lose trust in the state’s a

Anyone know why the drop down menus have not worked all the time on univax site? and when i tried (about 30x) the calendar was always grayed out so not possible to select a time and date. Of course it

Just because someone who has had the vaccination has died does not necessary mean the vaccination caused the death. The majority are over 60 or have pre-existing conditions anyway, to put it bluntly t

Just a thought, who has the best logistics and distribution system in Thailand, The Yaba and Ya Ice Smugglers and dealers that’s who.

Declare a 3 month amnesty and put the illegal drug dealers in charge of Covid Vaccination supply network, they will soon resolve this problem.

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Went to the local hospital, hundreds milling about and lining up so my heart sank, but directed upstairs to register- one bloke in front of me. Another floor for the vax (AZ) nobody waiting. Then 30 min waiting to see if side effects kick in, never more than 12 people. Hospital very organized, staff lovely but why so few people? Mrs registered herself for July. Looks like it's better to go to the hospital and register there than trying to get websites to work. No idea what all the crowds were for, testing for covid maybe. Never thought registering on mor prom would work, they should have kept using it. Lots of neighbor's saying they wont get it as they saw people are dying from it!

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