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When and Where Did You See Your Most Notable Band/Musician?


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I have a great collection of band flyers from the 80's that the Qld State Library just asked me to donate. 


I used to print for all the alternative gigs and international and local promoters. 


Seen many live big name, as in Debra Harry, the pouges etc. 


Took many pics too. 


But I still prefer almbums. I'd never pay for a live concert. Florence being am exception as I went there to find a mate in a 30,000 size ceowd







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On 4/14/2022 at 4:04 AM, Mekong said:

I know it is subjective and all, but it is rather telling that 14 out of the Top 20 AC;DC songs, according to This List are from the Bon Scott era, 6 Albums, compared to only 6 from Brian Johnson’s 11 Albums.

It appears more than a few people agree with me

For the record, I did see them with Brian Johnson, they headlined 1981 “Monsters of Rock” in the UK, so I did give him a chance, but naahh.


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